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30 March 2007


Santiago Calatrava has unveiled new designs for the Chicago Spire - a 150-storey condiminum tower proposed for Lake Shore Drive (via Archidose).

...via Dezeen

Finally, fun on a boat!

Norwegian Cruise Lines has started up offering projector sized Wii in the atrium of their newest cruise ship, as well as other areas in the ship. The entire line is to soon be outfitted with Wii play areas. This is amazing, too bad it wasn't on the Rock Boat. Whenever you're stumbling around drunk trying to avoid the next crappy band, having a diversion of this form is a great idea. It would have been awesome to watch Jewsh and Adrian go at this, especially on the day when we were all locked inside the boat due to hurrican force wind and the ship was all kinds of rocking crazy.

29 March 2007

It's Been a Carrotty Day

The name of the piece of art is Mr Carrot 2. So that is a giant carrot fighting back. They have consciousness.

Beautiful Pottery

Bria, take note. I expect thingsd like this in my home.

Free is Good

101 Free PC Applications and Sites

For all of you who have not converted over to the Mac world.

To make up for my deficient ones....

See with your tongue. Navigate with your skin. Fly by the seat of your pants (literally). How researchers can tap the plasticity of the brain to hack our 5 senses — and build a few new ones.

Effective 09/01/07

Governor Rick Perry's office said on Tuesday that he had signed a new law that expands Texans' existing right to use deadly force to defend themselves "without retreat" in their homes, cars and workplaces.

"The right to defend oneself from an imminent act of harm should not only be clearly defined in Texas law, but is intuitive to human nature," Perry said on his Web site.

Better Than on Mashed Potatoes

Gummi Bear Sculptures

So goddamn wrong it's funny

Don't judge me for posting this. I'm not the sick fuck who created it.

26 March 2007

I think there is a confusion of rubber to blubber

It never ends about Texas. And it is not "Jus like of the TV".

Otherwise, click for some rather interesting maps showing the imbalances of the world.

25 March 2007

Conciousness Explained

Fate is nothing but a series of self-made decisions based on circumstance and hope for the future to be better or at least different than it is now. There is always a plan in mind, no matter how subtle or enforced, and what is considered to be fate is nothing but the actions upon said plan, determined around the unforeseeable consequences and outcomes of outside forces expounded upon by everyday life. It explains how each person determines whether they are fated to be good or bad, rich or poor, angelic or bastardly. Add in each separate personality and the experience of the world and all questions can be answered, tailored to each individual.

Impeachment Looming

"Any president who says, I don't care, or I will not respond to what the people of this country are saying about Iraq or anything else, or I don't care what the Congress does, I am going to proceed — if a president really believes that, then there are — what I was pointing out, there are ways to deal with that."

--Senator Chuck Hagel

Joys from the 70's

Fantastic video of a drum-off between Animal and Buddy Rich. Just ignore the spanish speaking Kermit.


It is a sad day when nothing planned works out correctly.

24 March 2007

It is True, You Can..

"Con pan y vino se anda el camino." — Spanish proverb

Yay Retardedness!

Katamari confirmed for the Wii!


The unit features electronic temperature control (15°/19°C for red wines, 6°/10°C for white and rose wines), anti-oxidation system, LED lighting inside and can keep up to 8 opened bottles of wine ready to serve at the perfect temperature.

The Vin au Verre from Eurocave.

..via Random Good Stuff

23 March 2007

DIAF Fox News

Here is an interesting short article by Neil Cavuto of Fox News complaining that fat people cause a bad negative first impression. And then keep it. To Neil, being fat/obese is evidently not a lifestyle choice but the same equivalant as being black, Jewish or any other ethnic form.

WTF? How is something that you are born as due to parental genes the same as stuffing your face everyday with french fries and lard burgers? Yes, I know some people have biological reasons for being able to gain weight more easily than others or lose it slower, but there is no excuse for saying that ethnicity and obesity are on the same par. My pale skin and red hair come from my parents, just as being female. It does not constitute why I do not weigh 300 pounds. It does not explain how my sister had a perfect body in high school and now weighs a bit more. Her choice to eat a lot and not work out created that issue.

Fox News, please try to put some, any, effort into hiring your commentators. You never cease to explain why we mock your media outlet as a farce.


It is time sometime again soon. Sans ice.

22 March 2007

Metal means you're smart....

This explains why I listened to so much Tool and Slayer in the day

Except that Tool isn't metal and I was surrounded by other incredibly smart people. I was in an IB school. Maybe I knew that intelligence and common sense weren't the same things at that age. Maybe I knew they were fools and I had a different path. Or maybe I just hated everything and wanted a way out. But this explanation sounds much better.

Not of this earth

A light echo is light from a stellar explosion echoing off dust surrounding the star that produces enough energy in a brief flash to illuminate surrounding dust. The star presumably ejected the illuminated dust shells in previous outbursts. Light from the latest outburst travels to the dust and then is reflected to Earth.

Marshall Law?

The Bush Regime's preparations for martial law are part of an extreme agenda. This is a regime that is setting out to create a world empire that is unchallenged and unchallengeable and has embarked on an endless war to bring this about. Along with this, they aim to restructure social relations in the U.S., doing away with many of the social and economic institutions that have characterized U.S. society since World War 2. Because of this extreme agenda, the Bush regime takes very seriously the possibility of jolts and ruptures and resistance and are preparing very extreme measures to deal with this."

Would the really go that far?

These days I really go out of my way to avoid politics. I've had the arguments, and in truth, lack the ambition to keep fighting that futility. Interesting article nonetheless.

Dragons Do Exist!

...via Digg

The Wind Blew Off My Hat

Interesting little short by director Gaille Denis. And somehow the feature makes the pain that is Joanna Newsom's singing not quite as bad.

Ha ha ha ha ha...Six foot square... *sigh

I seriously laughed my ass off


Nicole / Angelique

I knew this a long time ago. But after compared to Anna Nicole for a long time, any other implications, no matter the form, are better and need reminding.

Have also read it means followers of the anti-Christ. No wonder I'm so goddamn conflicted.

20 March 2007

I Had Made My Allowances and Forgotten....

I love these people

Art, comics, toys, etc. The above image has almost nothing to do with the site but one man's opinion of something beautiful. I love moments like that. Seeing art in the ordinary.

On a completely side note, Modest Mouse came out with a new album recently. I used to be such a devote follower I bought all new albums day of release. I have been lacking. When Build Something Out of Nothing came out I was at Best Buy first day to purchase. Later, Good News for People Who Love Bad News I purchased the day after it came out and then used a burned copy to buy my way out of a mass water balloon attack. This time around, I have slacked. Just now getting around to hearing the new. I do not even know if I am impressed or hateful. Still on only track four in over an hour of listening, thanks to distraction. But it coincides wiht a good day of new mac shuffleness that should prove fruitful in many ways. Listening to songs I have always let slide. Playlists I love but ignore. Checking playlists to I hope are better than the last.

The tides are changing. Many many more steps. But foundation is laid.

According to some meme...

My battle cry:

"I'm going to punch you until your anus and mouth reverse their functions!!!"

Somehow, it seems apt. Unfortunately most people seem to follow this without my help.

Apple to makeover iMac line

AppleInsider reports that Apple's popular line of iMac personal computers are about to undergo a substantial facelift that will showcase striking new industrial designs that will leave both competitors and onlookers smitten. The redesign, however, will only be applied to the 20-inch and 24-inch iMacs. The 17-inch iMac may go bye-bye...

read more | ...via digg

Urban Decay/Abandoned Photography

Opacity features photographs from throughout the world of abandoned hospitals and buildings. The guy who takes these has an amazing style and seems to have broken into just about every old psych ward possible. check it out.

I have a sewing machine...

If you build it....

I will be comfy

B/c I can, minus the midgets.


Yay we have One!

It hurts me a whole bunch b/c I'm broken but nonetheless happy it is here.

Lego Halo

Warthog! Flying thingie!

...yeah, I basically killed myself in all of these over and over again....

19 March 2007

The Emo Emu

Thanks, Fiona. The Emo Emu is fantastic.

And on a side note, here is something also utterly fantastical. Xombies. Turns out there a really shitty looking book, some sort of game, and Krunk Xombies!! And one girl eats them for breakfast! (No specification fo whether the xombies eaten by the girl are krunk or not)

18 March 2007

There are a few advantages to not living alone

So right now I have the Adrian and Greg downstairs going over lines for Adrian's theatre class. From the play Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight. The scene is set as a man and woman having sex and at climax, the woman screams "Do me, you hook-nosed Jew!" and the scene proceeds into an argument after.

Hearing Greg, a man that is well rather tall and imposing, trying to scream "do me!" over and over again in falsetto ranks equivalent to winning a bet or getting a bonus on the scale of happiness. And I really like money and happiness.

All this, after the explanation of the 'What's In My Butt?' game that is evidently popular with McAfee IT guys. And no, not in that way.

17 March 2007

Toys for Aquaphobics

Inflateable Human Beach Ball
Claustrophobic and have a fear of water? Quick, buy this. This is a six-foot-wide ball that encloses a person and allows him to run around, on the water. You know, like Jesus. These are designed with intentions to battle other morons people in other big inflatable balls on the ocean. This Nuclear Globe inflatable tube is only available in Australia right now. Watch out for that undertow, Aussies!

...via Digg

Yay Bacteria!

The best shipping protection ever

So very glad I ended up with doctor guys fully protected G4 instead. Much better than this case.

I much prefer dark quiet bars

I was conned last night into going out when I was already in a rather loose frame of mind. So I met up with Rebecca and we proceeded to go to Carson's Live, a huge monstrosity of a club, and met up with some coworkers. There are a few technicians in town for training and they evidently wanted to go out with the people who tell them what to do all day. I'm not sure if it was the shock of seeing me there or what explanation can be given, but I was assaulted with free drinks from the moment I walked in the door. Test tube shots and scotch from DeAndrea's boy, Randy was in a very happy place and felt the desire to share, and jello shots from James, on of the techs from Connecticut. Raheim picked up the chair I was on to try to carry me to the dance floor at one point, and everyone tried to dance on and around me. I don't dance. Ever. But it was good they tried.

I remember Princess on stage dancing to the crowd, Randy grinding behind Angela, being told by one who has just met me that he would like to 'break me'.

It was definitely not the night I had planned out. I am glad I went, except for the head of pain I'm trying to forget now.

16 March 2007

And What Now?

Bewray [fr. ME bewreien, fr. be- + wreyen: to
accuse, inform on, from OE wregan; ultimately
fr. Gothic wrohjan: to accuse] archaic
1) to make known : divulge, disclose; esp. to reveal (as a secret) to one's disadvantage often unintentionally
2) to reveal the true character of

Silence in love bewrays more woe
Than words, though ne'er so witty:
A beggar that is dumb, you know,
May challenge double pity.

- Sir Walter Raleigh, The Silent Lover

15 March 2007

It's OK Big Brother, Leave the Knife There...

So....where does this leave? Home ownership levels to increase.

It is still a long time

"I'll admit I'm wrong,
But I'm getting on track,
I've been here too long,
I'm under attack.

I face it, replace it, and try to change,
I face it, replace it, and rearrange.

You'd think I learned by now,
There's never an easy way,
I get through somehow,
I'm on my knees to pray"

14 March 2007

For the Readers..

Taba, sometime you should check this out: Rare Book Room. Site contains about 400 rare books scanned at high resolution, complettely free to read. Just click and zoom.

Picture above from Giovanni Battista Bracelli's Bizzarie di Varie Figure - 1624

Find a New Friend

“What’d you get up to last night?”
“Got wicked drunk.”
“Yeah? Where’d you go?”
“I didn’t go anywhere. I drank at home.”
“You had a party and didn’t invite me? Who showed up?”
“No one. I got drunk by myself.”
“No shit? What’s wrong, man? You wanna talk about it?”

I do wanna talk about it. Not about what my friend wrongly assumed was the dark motivation that would drive me to drink alone, but the very act of drinking alone.

...stolen directly from Steve

13 March 2007

Bad Example

Never Send the Kids to Sears Driving School

I went to Sears driving school. But instead of crashing cars, I had to sit on pillows to reach the pedals since my instructor insisted on me driving the Camaro that I was too small for. Jerks. Not everyone is a 'tard and ends up this way.

..via Jalopnik...via Consumerist

Stupid Apple Products

So iTunes deleted my bloody library. I didn't upgrade my version, I did absolutely nothing but leave my laptop on all day converting a few files from one form to another while I went to work, a rather customary process. So now I need to reload all 40 gig, as well as remake all the folders and resort. And yes, I was told to make a backup but I didn't want to take up the space. So, essentially the glitch is not my faule but the lack of forethought is. Damn damn damn. I really like myh iTunes to be organized. for bacnds I have full discography, I have separate folders for each album, let alone each band.

Nothing like starting a time consuming process over again. And playlists that were perfectly planned out for each mood and thought process. Just...gone. This is not the sort of fresh start I like.

12 March 2007

Somedays Just Feel This Way

Expensive Toys....

Ways to Rationalize Buying an iPhone

..Still not going to buy one, even though the rationalization process is pretty on track.

Time to Move

One house in China left 40 ft up on a concrete island after builders purchased all the land surrounding. How does one get from there to anywhere else? And why does the house look like a warehouse?

And it really bothers me that there is 40 ft of solid concrete under the house. Why not just building lower to begin with?

11 March 2007

Back to the beginning

Flock is gone. Only lasted a few days. Too long of load times, windows didn't cascade. Over all, really kind of annoying. And never found the key shortcut to scroll down by page. That was the killer. Back to Safari. Not everything looks correct, but nothing is overall wrong.

Sometimes change is bad.

Too much time with crack and cereal

It's less than 30 sec long. And stupid

Results of being both shy and tactless

Become more comfy in social situations

  • Always look for the positive qualities in a person. Getting people to like you is merely the other side of liking them.
  • Don't have a big ego. If you give the impression that you know it all, that you are superior, you make it hard for people to like you. Be normally humble.
  • Give strength to people, support them. Help them to be stronger and they will give you affection.

  • So, right from the beginning I'm screwed. Positive qualities? I tend to look more for what people are capable or incapable of. Be humble? This one really sets it that I will be uncomfortable in social atmospherers for pretty much ever. Humility is rarely a friend, as I much prefer to acknowledge my awesomeness. And, in turn, I expect others to as well. Strength I can do. If you can live through me, thsn you can live through anything. Like Nietzsche, but usually liquored up and lacking the syphilis.

    ...via Lifehacker

    10 March 2007

    Second holiday of the day

    World Kidney Day

    As the Fark submitter says, "Today is World Kidney Day. If you didn't wake up groggy in a bathtub full of ice, well, you didn't get with the program"

    And the way I look at it, if there's no Candy Mountain than there just is no point. Maybe I'm just a non-believer. Shuuuuuuuunnn.

    If only people would celebrate it

    Get Over It Day

    Brand new holiday. You know it's time for celebration.

    ..Or I Was Genius...

    From almost exactly five years ago. The first answer is from March 2002, the other from tonight. Yes, some are the same. Funny I think how in some ways I was a terruble person then.

    And Taba, I never added it up but over 5 years by now. So, without further review, I am retarded...

    I am: insastiable/sleepy
    I hurt: tendons in my ankle/right shoulder & neck
    I love: androgenous guys/not being young anymore
    i hate: rushed judgments/knowing the future
    i cry: never/never unless my body gives out
    i fear: flunking this semester/getting what I want
    i hope: i get out of this funk soon/for simplicity
    i feel alone: always/often and yet never
    i waste: non-existent money/my time in front of a computer
    i talk: about Rand/about nothing
    i listen: to other people's bitching/to only a few songs of 40 gig of music
    i break: my will
    i see: through rose colored glasses (literally)/more than I should
    i smell: easy-bake oven cookies/stale cigarettes
    i taste: stale cigarettes/French rum
    i work: too little/too much
    i remember: trying to fly off the patio at home on windy days by flapping my arms/drinking hot 151 from plastic cups
    i hold: abyss-like emotions that i never show
    i hide: in my closet, a bag of starburst jellybeans for my roommate/any pain, b/c I cannot afford the doctor
    i pray: that someday i find faith in something other than myself/I see the point of praying
    i walk: carefully now, occasionally with a brace/with a purpose
    i drive: my car on love, gas costs too much/a retardo car
    i burn: wishes/the past
    i breathe: always through my mouth/better without smoking
    i play: with other people's minds/wiht photoshop on my mac
    i miss: nikolai
    i learn: "that our minds are like windows 98 machines"/how little I know each day
    i feel: sagacious/ineffable
    i know: everything i need to right now/something has to give
    i dream: about killing people or fighting/of things I don’t remember
    i have: my watch back from fossil!/an empty tummy
    i want: my suitemates to quit throwing their food away in the sink and for them to buy toilet paper now and then/liquor to cost less
    i fall: down the stairs, across flat ground, when my friends drop me on my head
    i await: notification if my 4th ticket is off my record/knowledge of whether I will ever be hired or fired
    i live: for myself only/…
    i die: when i choose not to think/when I think too much
    my hair: is half blonde and half red/long and natural
    my makeup: as dark, as always/is variable and colorful
    my dream: i'll work for national geographic someday/i’ll learn to be decisive
    my obsession: singing and writing/online news portals
    my most attractive feature(s): my selfishness/my green fatty eyes
    my favorite thing to do: have an epitome/feel better than meh..
    i'm wearing: ratty jeans, tank top and sheer cover jacket/jeans, powder blue blue tee
    i'm eating: nothing/what’s food?
    i'm drinking: diet coke/French rum
    i'm listening to: placebo, taste in man/bat for lashes, sad eyes
    i'm feeling: like i need coffee/sleep should be soon
    i'm thinking: that i'm wasting my time doing this, but i don't want to write a real entry
    i find: myself continuously discontent

    Opening night of 300

    It lived up to expectations. Not the greatest movie in the world, but fulfilling. And even as someone who really normally dislikes lots of muscle, the guys looked good. They fit the part. And the audience clapped at one point. When you see it, you'll know where, even if no one claps.

    Everything looked good, if sometimes grainy. I know it was the style Miller and Snyder were trying to attain but sometimes I felt I was in a throwback to some sort of low-budget 60's film, or like I was watching the Rudolph Maté original The 300 Spartans. Not that I've seen it, but perhaps they patched in pieces to go for a form of homage. :)

    Defintely worth a watch.

    And on a side note, while good to see friends, I really hate Mesquite. Bria, bring James and Josh and whoever else closer to me. Move to Plano. Because driving 40 minutes back home alone to an empty place is rather disappointing. Or work later schedules so you want to stay out later. Keep it in mind.

    09 March 2007

    I wish my lungs would let me smoke

    "Fire is a dangerous force, tamed at his fingertips....When a man thinks there is a spot of fire alive in his mind, and it is only proper that he should have the burning point of a cigarette as his one expression."

    ...Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

    Glass, Steel and Wood

    Interesting article on how Apple has reinvented their stores to cater to the public's use of a computer rather than the hardware divisions, making Apple one Fortune's Most Admired Companies.

    And even before the iPhone even hits stores.

    08 March 2007

    Fine spring day

    Nothing like the brightness of sunshine.....

    New browser day one

    So I've switched over from Safari to Flock. Not sure how much I prefer it yet. Most everything seems to be about the same. Nice, clean design. Some of the 'social networking' aspects are actually pretty nifty. Now I can just drag and drop photos from my desktop to my Flickr without going through the uploader process. Blogger now has the standard option everyone that is Windows based has been using all this time, such as the composer window or the insert link option. Safari has only the ability to add a photo and to spell check. Everything else is all html based.

    But I am not happy that it seems I have lost my alt+pg dn ability to scroll down a page. Now it goes line by line instead of by page. I will need to find the new shortcut buttons for that b/c otherwise I might go mad. One button mouse control doesn't alolow for easy scrolling otherwise.

    I'll give this a try for a while. With all the hassles Firefox has with a Mac this might be the best alternative to Safari out there.

    Apathtic Nation

    Godless coinage taking over....

    Welcome Back Irony

    I'd buy the Insight first without even thinking twice

    Welcome to Toyota's new eye-bleach atrocity of a hybrid. The Hybrid X shows just how Toyota is now obsessed with making product over design, fooling only a small percentage of the populace into buying such. Terribly ugly. Bad.

    I drive a Retardo-Car and it is infinitely prettier, even with it's squatty little butt. As I have a subsidiary car of Toyota, I am disappointed with this development.

    07 March 2007

    Words are Fun and Exact


    Syllabication: sub·au·di·tion
    Pronounciation: sbô-dshn
    Noun: 1. The act of understanding and mentally supplying a word or thought that has been implied but not expressed. 2. A word or thought supplied by subaudition.
    Etymology: Late Latin subaudti, subaudtin-, from subaudtus, past participle of subaudre, to supply an omitted word : Latin sub-, sub- + Latin audre, to hear; see au- in Appendix I.

    Before the Rain

    the worthless word for the day is: Tonitruous

    [fr. L tonitruare, to thunder] /tu NI tru ous/
    thundering, fulminating (also tonitruant)

    ""Skill and kill, kill and skill, Carolina," muttered
    Gattineau, -- words brushed aside by Simms's tonitruous
    baritone as by a hand sweeping aside gnats."
    - Craig Bell, Lost in the Elysian Fields, v. 3 (2002)

    bonus word:
    tonitruone - a device or instrument for imitating thunder
    (so that's what that's called!)

    ...via WWFTD

    06 March 2007

    Howard Roark would be proud

    It must be nice to be one of the richest countries in the world. Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel, Tadao Ando and Zaha Hadid showcase their designs for new museums and cultural buildings being created in Abu Dhabi, Uniter Arab Emirates.

    Not to mention the "Gateway" complex being built in the new capital of Ras Al-Khaimah by Norwegian designers Snøhetta as shown below.

    ...via Dezeen

    Sure to Come to America Soon

    Big news for underage smokers: You won't be able to buy cigarettes on the streets anymore. A new system, called "Taspo" (Tabacco Passport), goes into effect in 2008, requiring every smoker to carry around an RFID card issued only to people 18 and over if they want to make a cigarette vending machine purchase. Cards will be issued for free (plus whatever amount of money you put on it), but purchase will require a photo ID and other identification documents.

    Currently, 65% of the 30 million smokers in Japan purchase their cigarettes through vending machines, so this is a big step in the Tobacco Institute of Japan's initiative to raise awareness on the dangers of smoking.

    ...via TokyoMango

    Second Coming of Jesus

    When asked to explain who he is, de Jesus responds: "Jesus Christ, man, the second manifestation, the Second Coming of Christ." He acknowledges that "it bothers a lot of people" that he calls himself Jesus.

    If he has many followers why is it just now there's a news story? Where hs his press been all along?

    Evil Empire of Grocery

    A&P buys Pathmark

    One of these days we'll only have one single gigantic contract requiring 2 hour on-site service, 4 hour fix and all parts will be carried by the techs in semi's instead of vans. Maybe next year Stop & Shop can but A&P. Or better yet, Trader Joe's can buy them all.


    Sometimes, knowing everything is the same means knowing everything is about to change.

    05 March 2007

    04 March 2007

    Or something like it...

    "I drink to make other people interesting." --George Jean Nathan

    Too bad it tastes so bad...

    Damnit, now I have to start drinking low-fat milk.

    Because no one wants a pregnant Nicole. That would be terrible.

    The line bgeins to blur...

    So the eclipse pretty much looked like this. From further away. And cold. And windy. And seen with 2 pagans on a break from work.

    I grew up on Greek mythology. I read all the stories and knew all of the Gods, monsters and humans. Somehow, I always felt a special love for Artemis, goddess of the hunt. While I never wanted to be the chaste and pure being she was in story, I loved her complete freedom and independence. So I have also always looked fondly upon the moon, as it is her planet. The one place in the world I have always wanted to visit is the island of Delos, to see the ruins of altars built to her and her brother Apollo at their place of birth. I think in some ways she is why I wanted to be an astronaut as a child; to be closer to the moon.

    But tonight, as with all times, I look upon it and see nothing but an orb in the sky. I lack the belief to feel any sort of religious comfort in it. Scientifically, while rare, the eclipse looked just like a night when the moon is waxing/waning. Nothing terribly special in it all. And that made me mildly sad. Like growing up and being told on Christmas morning that Santa is actually Mom and Dad. There was no magic. I had called it magical on the way downstairs in a mocking fashion, only to see the truth of my statement.

    While nature is itself fantastic, it lacks whatever it was I was after. I have been in awe of nature many times, but this left nothing.

    Sometime, just once, I would like to feel that awe with someone at my side rather than the necessity to be on my own.

    And now I go force myself to sleep to insure being back 10 hours after leaving work...

    03 March 2007

    Reach Teach!

    If this had happened in a class I was attending, I would have laughed my ass off.

    Thanks, Pel.

    BTW, don't bother with all the rest of the videos at the site. They lack in the funny.

    About Time...

    See that thing on the left? I hate it. I hate every bit of pointless fake patriotism that the hoards feel the need to post on every piece of crap vehicle they own so as to show that they have good intentions. Righteous intentions. As if any money from these goes to the actual troops (or even the military) or raises awareness of issues. If anyone was aware of the issues to begin with the need for the slogan wouldn't be as pressing.

    And as these stupid little magnets also brought the onslaught of all the other 'causes', this nice article made me giggle. It's about damn time that they no longer made a profit. I have nothing against the companies making the items, as they were just feeding on the desires of the populace. It is, as always, the populace I despise. In this instance, I am glad that there is a momentary gap of obscenely tacky stupid human behavior about.

    02 March 2007

    Keane: A Bad Dream

    Rather a dull video of a wonderful song. But I like his coat and that he reminds me of my friend Larsen.

    For a more entertaining Keane video, go here: Everybody's Changing

    I've just sung karaoke to it so many times on Singstar that I don't really want to see it again.

    And now off to the Land of Gar to collect last years tax return so I can finish e-filing and get my money.

    Elk Head

    Things to do when you're bored and want to look dumb with a camera. Seriously, too much free time.

    ...via digg

    01 March 2007


    Why is it that I am trying to make it as easy as possible in one form yet I keep finding my stubborn side trying to push to make everything as hard as I can?


    Taba, I need talking. Call me again. You know my answering ability.

    A decade over..

    The only credit I can give grunge artists is the same as I offer for country: you know your sorrow well.

    Too bad it does not help the singing.