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04 April 2014

This is a Trent Reznor song

Earlier this year, comedian Freddy Scott released the Nine Inch Nails parody track, "This Is a Trent Reznor Song," encapsulating frontman Trent Reznor's penchant for odd percussion, eerie pianos and shifting vocal dynamics ranging from hushed to screaming. Now, he goes one step further, releasing a music video lampooning Reznor's mid-Nineties Lynchian-meets-Victorian visual style.

Love on NPR

You are at a table for two, sitting with your girlfriend or boyfriend, when, for no good reason (you can't help it, you didn't mean to do it), you yawn. It's a big, gaping, jaw-extending, embarrassing yawn and because you didn't cover your face, oh, God, she/he sees it. A second or two goes by, and then ... something doesn't happen. Your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn't yawn back.

Should you be alarmed?

Walmart Prices vs. Living Wages

In the series “The Secret Life of a Food Stamp,” Marketplace reporter Krissy Clark traces how big-box stores make billions from the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, aka food stamps. What’s more, the wages of many workers at these stores are so low that the workers themselves qualify for food stamps—which the employees then often spend at those big-box stores.

This video crunches the numbers on how much Walmart, the single biggest beneficiary of the food stamp economy, might have to raise prices across the board to help a typical worker earn a living wage.

17 December 2013

White Elephant

Swiss artist Sipho Mabona is attempting to elevate the concept of origami as performance art with an Indiegogo campaign to help him realize his whimsical ambition to fold a life-size elephant from a single sheet of paper.

Mabona expects the process will take about two weeks. The project will require three assistants and the elephant will be shored up by an aluminum frame and sealed with white acrylic paint. He plans to set up in a local art venue and provide a live online video stream of the process. If all goes well, he hopes to repeat the performance in other venues.

And I thought completeling a Senbazuru was difficult. At least it was a manageable size.


I am amazed how inexpensive these really are. Only $100, compared to high end sunglasses that do nothing but show you like to pay for a brand and cover the sunlight in only one shade? Bargain! you can keep your rose colored glasses, I'd prefer to see the world as a cacophony of rainbows.

Soo Sunny Park

Soo Sunny Park: Unwoven Light from Walley Films on Vimeo.

If I ever have some sort of very tall loft, with lots of natural light streaming in, an installation such as this by Soo Sunny Park would be ideal. I could star at this for hours and hours, just watching how the sun moves across it and the light changes. Absolutely beautiful.


“These cheeses are meant only as ‘food for thought,’ ” Agapakis said. “What we hope is that after the first visceral response of ‘ew,’ we can start to think more about the intersections of human and microbial cultures.”

“Culture” in two ways, that is.

“Cheese is a wonderful artifact with which to demonstrate how ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ are not merely inseparable, but fully implicated in one another,” Heather Paxson, anthropologist and author of The Life of Cheese and toe bacteria donor, said.
I can understand the breast milk. I can understand the smelly and donkey. I cannot understand or stomach the idea of maggot cheese. I can't eat rice because it reminds me of maggots, and at least rice doesn't move.