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31 August 2010

Well Done, Digg

Digg V4: The Broken Covenant (aka Selling Out to “The Man”)

Seriously, Digg v4? You just destroyed the entire point of your site by making it non-user driven. You are now the equivalent of CNN or Fox News; a website so full of making money that actual reporting of anything is now minimal. Way to sell out, dipshits.

30 August 2010

Sherman, TX

Ah, Sherman. You're not far from me, you have so little of interest to the normal person, and you've cost me $500 due to my incompetence at, you know, seeing. However, your complete pragmatism at having all kinds of giant buildings full of roundness, rust and fantastic graffiti somewhat wins you back over in my heart. Somewhat.

Patrice: Ain't Got No/I Got Life

Great re-imagining of the musical Hair's Ain't Got No/I Got Life songs. As this is my favorite musical and I've heard the songs countless times, it threw me off to have the words rearranged, but nonetheless, fabulous.

Original 1979 movies clips of Ain't Got No and I Got Life.

26 August 2010

19 August 2010

Looking at You Misspellings Chain and McGrossness

Yes, I am biased. I live in a soulless state without the benefit of independent, good coffee shops near where live or work. But, perhaps due to past employment and the idea of who the usurpers were, I had a lot more issue with the 'consumer' winner in coffee tasting over the last few years.

Let me clarify. I hate normal coffee. During my employment at Starbucks, I worked my ass off to become certified for 'Coffee Master' (and within a few weeks after my quitting I would have obtained it), because to me, it was a goal to attain. That said, I have strong opinions on African versus Indonesian coffees, even if I am not a regular partaker. My drink of choice is a triple espresso, also known as a 'Tripplo' by correct coffee connoisseurs (versus my 'Trippio' without a lid I'm given by local barista's), which I then tarnish with fake sugar and enough cream to not burn myself.

And then I chug, since I hate the flavor, and this is the best I can create.

However, I still will give credit to Starbucks for their drip coffee over Dunkin Donuts (I have a disgust over the spelling) or McDonalds (I have a disgust by the thin veiling of Frappuccino being called a 'Frappe') and have been disappointed over the last few years. If the goal IS to make coffee that tastes like cardboard, I'd suggest DD or McD, or even Starbucks 'Breakfast' bleand. Ooooh, yummy.

According to the rest of the survey, if I only liked fast food, I'd do well trying Panera Bread and Five-Guys. Since I'm not a fan of fast food (other than coffee), guess this study is meaningless and I'm just writing a lot of BS.

18 August 2010


Finally figured out why Natalie Dee is banned at work, while the rest of the Sharing Machine Comics are accessible. All makes sense now....

Not that I'd have time to find a new job. I'm just bitter and tired.

Freeze 2.0

For the most politically-incorrect art show of the day,Freeze,by Florian Jenett and Valentin Beinroth. Guns made from ice, coke, licorice and food coloring.

Finally, economical, practical and the only way I'd like to be buried

Inventor Donald Scruggs to the rescue; he would have us spinning in our graves with Patent 2007/005958, "A series of burial containers having means by which they can be pressed, agitated, screwed and or self bored into a receiving material, provide low cost interment methods with hermetic sealing, security locking, plaque and memorial markers and built in flower and flag receptacles."

Read Ayn Rand

One man drove 12,238 miles across 30 states to scrawl a message that can only be viewed using Google Earth. His big shoutout: “Read Ayn Rand.”

Nick Newcomen did a road trip over 30 days that covered stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. First, he identified on a map the route he would need to drive to spell out the message. He put a GPS device in his car to trace the route he would follow. Then, he hit the road.

“The main reason I did it is because I am an Ayn Rand fan,” he says. “In my opinion if more people would read her books and take her ideas seriously, the country and world would be a better place — freer, more prosperous and we would have a more optimistic view of the future.”

04 August 2010

Drum Light

Sound activated drum light. For use when there isn't another type of drum you can use. Personally, I miss those days, over half of my life ago, long before my shoulder was jacked and the only option became a fake drum light or Wii bowling versus the real thing.

Up and Coming

I have a new philosophy. I'm only going to dread one day at a time.
Charles M. Schulz (1922 - 2000)

Expect the worst, not disappointed, right?

Mila's Daydreams

I am not one of those girls that are obsessed with babies and how cute they are. Anyone who knows me understands this is not my thing. Ooohing and Awwing and making funny sounds at infants just isn't something I ever understood. That said, I actually think the idea of Mila's Daydreams is adorably cute. I think it is more the imagination of the shots and inventiveness of the use of fabric, but hey, let's go instead with the cute baby being the hook.

2010 Bulwer Lytton Award

For the first month of Ricardo and Felicity's affair, they greeted one another at every stolen rendezvous with a kiss--a lengthy, ravenous kiss, Ricardo lapping and sucking at Felicity's mouth as if she were a giant cage-mounted water bottle and he were the world's thirstiest gerbil.

--Molly Ringle, Seattle, Washington (2010 Winner)

Given annually for the worst first sentences of a novel, and this is definitely a winner.

01 August 2010

New World Order

Possible new 11 species found off Canada, including this super cute tiny octopus. Yes, I love octopi, almost more than I love jellyfish. And, I hate water, so I am an incredible hypocrite, and completely fine with it.

Guerra de la Paz

Artwork created from fabric by Guerra de la Paz. Beautiful designs, and clothing that even though it would be hot as hell, I would absolutely love to wear the designs created. I can only imagine some of these creations being used for fantastic cosplay. For the non-costume based, still utterly wonderful.

Fujitsu finally makes the list

Major corporations downloading the 100 million Facebook pages off Bittorrent. Including Fujitsu, somewhere in then top largest 60 companies.

Yes, I have been pretty down on my company lately. I'm in the epicenter of a soon to happen quake of implementation of a new system, and it has been hard going trying to bring the impact down as much as possible. But overall, I've had a good time of it at this company compared to some other jobs I've had, and while there is a multitude of things to complain about now, hopefully this will change in the future. That said,I really think there are a ton of people at my job that complain for no reason other than to hear themselves complain, or that they don't understand they are not being asked to do too much work, as they get paid for it. So, in general, this rather makes me laugh, that now all of the wonderful whining and complaining is available publicly, and while it probably is some peon downloading it, I can't help but wish it were the new CEO, and preferably one with a vengeance for anti-company information.

Mostly just for the comedic effect.