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24 November 2007

About Time

If you've ever seen this store, you'd understand just how funny this ad I received really is. Seriously, who wouldn't want to spend $9300 for these super fantastic TRES OUTLAWS THE 40 ROSES OF OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE boots? Or how about spending only $950 for these very classy LIBERTY BOOTS BAD KITTY? Or, if cowboy boots aren't your thing, there's always the accessories, such as this gorgeous CHROME ANGEL belt buckle. Not only can you be at the height of fashion and wear it anywhere, if you feel like you've had too much to eat for the day, you can perforkm a self-liposuction just by bending over and stabbing yourself with the wings!

It really is amazing it took this long for the store to fold, even for the Shops at Legacy. Too bad I missed the special sale yesterday, with all those bonus dollars I could have received I might even have been able to afford something in the store. And then the only problem would be deciding who would be the recipient of such a wonderful gift.

23 November 2007

Good things come from Guatemala

Best rum ever. The only other that seems to equal this would be the 15 year of the same brand. This has a sweeter flavor, which normally loses points with me. But this is worth it. And Goody Goody just started carrying it.

And they mischarged me and only made me pay for the 10 year. Very very happy. :)

That is all.

Time to learn.....

So my family is doing Thanksgiving today. At my house. And I'm cooking and I can't cook. So far I have had to call to ask what gibblets are as it was written in my very detailed instructions on how to cook a turkey that there might be gibblets. Evidently, the very disgusting innards did not come with these particular turkey breasts. Something to be thankful for right there.

I have 10 pounds of potatoes that I am theoretically going to be mashing. Should be fun since I've never even made instant potatoes.

I have a big crate with bowls, utensils, and food from my parent's house. It is really very sad to have to borrow all this stuff. Seems like things a normal person would have in their home. Guess it makes a difference that neither Adrian or I ever cook more than a simple little meal and rarely even do that.

Let's see if I can keep from killing my family today.

And btw, oven cleaner sprays are absolutely disgusting. Nastiest smell ever when turning on the oven after having cleaned it. Ew.

17 November 2007

Saves on health insurance if you're dead

Turns out this is the week for assisted Darwinism. Population control at it's finest:

US Customs stop Canadian ambulance taking a patient to a Detroit hostpital that already had been defibrillated twice on the trip.

Meter maid tickets car after man collpases in front of hospital.

Love getting lost in downtown Dallas

The Aesop rock concert was amazing. Debateably the most fun show I've been to. Nothing like a large group of indie kids thinking they're hardcore getting together to watch white guys rap. Drinks were expensive but right about the expected amount, and I have the special added feature of bigbrother knowing exactly where I go and do as to drink you had to scan your license and the armband has my name and last 4 digits of my license number printed on it.

Nice to hang out with the old friends again. Been stuck in a groove of seeing the same people for so long it was incredible to realize just how lazy a friend I can be. Forgot how much I love Hil. Great night, just wish I hadn't misstepped on the stairs up to the apartment and smacked my knee. I can barely walk and stairs suck. Too bad the washer is downstairs and I need to do laundry.

10 November 2007

Now the Fat Security Guards Can Avoid Exercise Even Easier!

So now even the "Asset Protection" security guards at Target fly around the parking lot using Segways. I'm not sure if this is a new policy for the comp-any, or just a special perk of living in hoity-toity Plano. Either way, it's utterly ridiculous.

09 November 2007

Kris Moyes for the Softlites

.via Interactive Media Design

Thursday Teachings

Things I Have Accepted:
Drinking puts people together
I hate everyone
The poorest show at the most inopportune time
Signifigant others really only do reciprocate what they are given
I'm actually right about a lot of things
They only hear when it is what they want to hear
I was right. Watch.

Things I Have Not:
This big blue ugly couch
People are too dumb to figure out why they stick with the same thing over an over
Sometimes castration is not an option
How dare this be the case.
Some fights aren't worth figthing. Because I was wrong. (Look back at the header)

08 November 2007

Scooter Desk of Doom

Scooter Desk allows for mobility while working.
Two major problems I see with this. First, gonna be fun to lug around those Dell PC's that a whole lot of companies still have since they don't want to shell out for laptops. Secondly, looks great as an idea for skinny people. But let's try this in the standard office in America and I think we're going to be having a hard time working through the tears that are streaming down our faces from the overwhelming laughter as we watch people tip over forwards and backwards on this due to weight restrictions.

I think I am a much bigger fan of this

Kinda Defeats the Idea of Portable

Steampunk Laptop

Laptop turns on by winding a key, completely reoutfitted to be steampunk. Beautiful job, and a perfect idea for the ever antiquated HP systems. On a related note, why is it that steampunk is becoming so freaking popular of late?

03 November 2007

Gadgets with Multi-functions and Fire!

It never fails that when a new gadget is invented it happens after just about everyone I know has stopped doing whatever it pertains to. The USB Lighter is a perfect example. A nifty little lighter that uses coils like a car lighter but gains it's heat from computer power seems a neat idea. Better is it actually contains some space for memory, making it not quite retardely ridiculous as most USB powered items that have appeared of late. But, of course, this would be coming out when almost everyone I know is quitting smoking. Good timing Nathan Gabriele.

..via Yanko Design

01 November 2007