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27 February 2008

Adobe Creative

Adobe Cards. Amazingly little creative animation showing the battle between the Queen of Hearts and the King of Spades. Very cute.

24 February 2008

19 February 2008

Observance in Action

So I was waiting this morning for the lovely newbie Barista to make my triple espresso before work, and I noticed the rather outdated sign still hanging above the pastry cabinet trying to advertise chocolate cupcakes. Next to the nice drawing of a very fat-filled treat and a cup of coffee was the ever-so-gramatically-correct phrase: "Have you get your cupcake for Valentine's Day?"

And this has been hanging for weeks. Wonder how many people ever even saw this?


On a side note, looking very much forward to having internet again come sometime next week. I've missed the tubes. Or reading something as simple as email that is not work related. Spam would even be nice.

16 February 2008

More Body Mods

Octopus Tentacle Implants

For when being an ordinary dumbass just isn't enough for you.

06 February 2008


This sucks. Take it in whatever context you want. Love sitting with my hands tied and no choice whatsoever.

03 February 2008


"It was a bare, clean place. There was nothing on the kitchen counter but a radio/cassette player, nothing in th dish rack but a plate, a knife, and a fork. that the light was warm and the four chairs around the table looked comfortable somehow made the kitchen all the more unwelcoming. It was like the kitchen of the kind of man who was careful to wash the dinner dishes and wipe the counters before he went into the bedroom and put a bullet in his brain." - Strong Motion by Jonathan Franzen