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27 September 2007

The chocolatey goodness of tampering

I have some Hershey's kisses and I am wondering why the little paper pieces have changed. I have thus gotten the messages of: 'Let's go out', 'Oops', and 'Cheer up'.

What happened to my candy?

26 September 2007

Atheists are liars who worship Satan!!!

(Not safe for work audio)

It made me laugh. It made Adrian's face hurt.

A 200 Yard Case of the Heebie Jeebies

Scientists learn the giant spider web at Lake Tawakoni formed by at least 10 families of spiders.

I hate Lake Tawakoni. I remember going there as a kid and teenager a few times and there was never a time that there wasn't a huge spider population. I'm not sure what sets this state park apart from any other in the north Texas area, but it nevcer fails that giant man-eating spiders seem to be everywhere. I am not normlly squeamish about bugs or spiders, I like camping and deal with what goes with that, but I can only imagine the sound that would come out of my mouth as I ran screaming if I were the irst person to discover this behemoth of webs.

22 September 2007

I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so

Allergic reactions suck. My eyes are swollen, red and puffy, feeling like the picture to the right. On top of the sore throat that won't go away and the almost mute quality brought about from the laringitis. Poop. No fun weekend for me, mostly been sleeping and drugged. People were over last night and I had to crash early as my eyes were not cooperating with me. Missed volleyball this afternoon due to this. Ready to be healthy again. Or as healthy as I normally am.

18 September 2007

Cut off your head to feed your belly

Gorgeous paintings by Luke Chueh from this Painting of Hope and Hopelessness series. Featured here is The Alchemist.

I know I put up a lot of random art and I never know who actually clicks the links or not, but I think everyone should check this out. Especially those who like the feeling of despair that is Exploding Dog

Breathe deep, it's microscopic aliens!

Meteorite lands in Peru and creates a mysterious illness.

..curious, as sickness was not reported with other meteorite crashes. Maybe given enough time to unradioactivate, we can look forward to jewelry made of this hunk of rock just as with others from the past seen in examples such as here, here, and here.

On a side note, it makes me very sad that almost all jewelry made of moldavite is terribly ugly. My favorite stone and they make it just seem like something kinda trashy. Good news is I do happen to have been gifted with one of the only princess cut moldavites in the world, made for me specially. At least there is one good example of jewelry out there to show for it. And better yet, it doesn't make me sick to wear it.

17 September 2007

I Hate Being Sick

So I went to bed last night completely sober right about midnight, something I never do. Way too early. I woke this morning at about 8 with my throat hurting something fierce. This happens sometimes when I sleep in a room too cold and my nasal cavities and throat dry out so I think little of it. To make a preemptive attack on my body, I take a few pills of Coricidin, an over-the-counter drug they threatened to ban since it is rather potent and works too well. Thus properly innocuated, I go to work.

By noon my drubs have worn off enough my throat is hurting back in full force, but my head still seems disconnected. I assume this will stay they way through the day and I will purchase some more drubs on the way home. By 1400 I am wearing my jacket and a blanket over my legs and still cannot control my shaking. I am freezing, and feeling more dizzy all the time. By 1530, I am standing talking to a coworker in another room and I realize I might pass out. By 1645 I've called it quits and decided to go home. I come home, take some old drubs that I had left over from the last time I had this issue, and check my temperature while I am at it. 101.5 Fahrenheit. I take a nap, woken by a silly escalation by a help desk who has no patience and decide I cannot keep sleeping.

I was recently downstairs reading a book (rather hard with the dizziness, as well as this typing), and wearing another blanket. I seriously feel like I a billion degress, so I check my temperature again and I'm currently at 102.3 Fahrenheit. If I got sick often, this wouldn't bother me. As my standard temperature normally weighs in at about 96.7, this is starting to have me worried.

This is one of those times I am very seriously happy I finally have heath insurance, in case I need to go to one of ever-abundant hospitals around here tonight. My ever-so-paranoid mother has always made me go to the doctor as soon as I start feeling gross, due to her fear of meningitius and such. If that is the case, coworkers, one and all, have fun. Some of you probably deserve it. Or I could stop my complaining, drink some more water and pills and sleep this off.

16 September 2007

I'm OK With That...

Hibachi is great, outside the expense. Mmmm shrimp. I hate Sunday morning schedule. Soooooo sick of working.

That is All. I wish I could stay up drinking and playing karaoke. But I get nothing.

BTW, partes with random people you barely know are awesome. Esp. whn you help random guy to pass out on a bed b/c he's that drunk. Did teach me that I refuse to live in the ghetto, which I suppose makes me a snob.

14 September 2007

Zeno the Robot Boy!

Zeno, a robot boy creation by David Hanson makes one of his many expressive faces at Hanson's office in Richardson, Texas, Thursday, Sept. 6, 2007. At 17 inches tall and weighing 6 lbs, the artificial Zeno is the culmination of five years of work by Hanson and a small group of engineers, designers and programmers at Hanson Robotics.

Looks like good things can come from DFW. Also the article reminds me of the premiere of Small Wonder.

This week seems to have a theme of vomit. First unicorns, now clouds. Matt Robinson's Sick Cloud is a combination of random objects and polyurethane mouldings. Enjoy!

Aging Gracefully

Skeleton made from Cassette Tapes by Andrew Huff.

Hell, I used to have hundreds of tapes lying around. Wish I had thought to get a blowtorch and go to town on them to start making pieces of art. Something like this I would love to see standing in my living room.

..via Boing Boing

So Here's Something Else

Looks like director Morgan Routt isn't a director so much as an editor......think I preferred not knowing. Here's the original 1965 Rene Laloux version.

12 September 2007

One of the few reasons to like Deviant Art

One of the freshest takes on animation I've seen in a very long time. Animator vs Animation shows what happens when you give something life, and ultimately, how to take it away.

The Hipster Olympics

...Shaun, no one, not even these guys can beat you on apathy. Well done.

For sneaking a drink

If I were able to keep a bottle of booze for very long, I would purchase these to place in them. I love colored lights, and these are awesome for when standing in the darkened kitchen looking for something to sip. However, the only bottles that would be lit would be empty, somewhat defeating the purpose.

Resharpen and Cut

For when killing trees with woodcarving isn't enough, now there is artist Jennifer Maestre to create sculptures from pencil bits.

Personally, I want to see what she does with the middle parts.

Where Rainbows Come From

I've never been much of a letter writer or purveyor of cute notepads, but if I were, this would be the one I'd use. Nothing sends the message of "I Love you Grandma!" or "Thanks for the Gift" quite as well as this note pad from Nut and Bee. They specialize in all the standard forms of cuteness that can be found on stickers, pins, notepads, etc. including Ninja Giraffe and Bunny Lump. But for someone who can handle this type of cute overdose.

08 September 2007

Too Early to Be Awake

I really need to quit writing posts while drunk and sleepy. Seriously.

From what I wrote that can be addressed while half coherent:

Male friends suck when that's what you mostly have. When playing a video game as a female in a group of males, you get divided into 2 groups: badass chick if you do well, or just a girl when doing badly. Grr.

I love RvB.

Extended family events suck, b/c most of the time they only want you to show up if you bring a gift. I was part of the first wedding years ago. Why do I need to buy you things now?

Adrian and I just celebrated 4 years a few days ago. Anyone who feels like it should freely contribute to the travel fund I'm trying to put together by sending me money or things I can sell.

Damn I'm sleepy. Copius amounts of whisky and a few hours just does not cut it. Stupid family.

06 September 2007

At least I'll have the cool companions

So I have had things I wanted to post this last week. However, my overwhelming apathy and realization that only like 2 people read this made me realize I just didn't care. Add in that even though so many people really believe I don't work, I've had my ass handed to me this week and am glad or tomorrow's day off. I miss the old days when my responsibility laid on my own shoulders instead of answering for all the mistakes made everyday. Bloody exhausting being the mother hen. Here is to the bottle o bull wine already ingested and the hopeful buttload of posts to make up for the silence.