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16 January 2012

Mud Run DFW

So rather than the Color Run, a group of people from work and I are going to go do the Original Mud Run instead. I've been thinking about doing one of these for a while now, it's nice to actually have it planned. And as of today, registered.

If you want to watch the video, skip to about 1:12, unless you really just like to watch some people not doing anything with some inspirational music.

Eat Less Meat

They found a 29% increase in pancreatic cancer risk for men eating 120g per day of red meat but no increased risk among women. This may be because men in the study tended to eat more red meat than women.

"If diet does affect pancreatic cancer then this could influence public health campaigns to help reduce the number of cases of this disease developing in the first place."

"Regardless of this latest research, we have already established a strong link between eating red and processed meat and your chances of developing bowel cancer, which is why WCRF [World Cancer Research Fund] recommends limiting intake of red meat to 500g cooked weight a week and avoiding processed meat altogether."

Why Are Smart People Ugly?

Why are smart people usually ugly? I get this isn't always the case, but there does seem to be a correlation. Attractiveness doesn't predict intelligence (not all ugly people are smart), but it seems like intelligence can be a good predictor for attractiveness (smart people are usually on the ugly side). Keep in mind, I have nothing against people who are really brilliant, I've just always wondered.

The answer: They’re not.

Oh, how the Explainer loves a false premise.


Six Daleks are en route to NASA’s Stennis Space Center disguised as "space shuttle engines"
NASA says they're "Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne engines" from space shuttles Endeavour and Atlantis... but we think they look an awful lot like incognito Dalek shipping containers.
The agency says the "engines" are being shipped from Florida's Kennedy Space Center to Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, where they will be repurposed for use on NASA's next generation heavy lift rocket: the Space Launch System (SLS). When it's completed, NASA says the SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever built, and capable of taking us deeper into space than ever before.

Tell me a powerful, deep-space rocket isn't the perfect hiding place for a Dalek sextet.

..via io9

09 January 2012

WWFTD: Insanable

[fr. L. insanabilis < sano, to heal]
obs. that cannot be healed or remedied; incurable

"They think them.. so insanable, that they deserve
not to be admonished."
- Wm. Morice, Coena Quasi Koine (1657)

Downwards. Declining. Plummeting. Goodbye.

Against adulthood: But that’s not quite right. In my mind—hell, in my own life—what’s happening isn’t just the delayed onset of adulthood. It’s the refusal of adulthood entirely. It’s not failure to thrive. It’s an awareness that thriving kind of blows. Like almost everything in life, “adulthood” turns out to be the exact opposite of what we’re told it is.

If not recycling or driving an SUV is farting in the proverbial elevator, having a kid is pushing the “emergency stop” button, dropping your pants, and spraying diarrhea onto everyone’s shoes—metaphorically speaking.

I mean, there’s a reason they call it settling down, and really, that little phrase says it all. If they just called it “settling,” that would still get the point across—you could do better, you’re choosing not to—but they tacked “down” on there, just to be absolutely clear about the trajectory you’ve taken. You’re settling, down. Downwards. Declining. Plummeting. Goodbye.

Ok, so there is a bunch in this editorial that I don't agree with, but you have to admit, being an adult really sucks sometimes, and the way this guy dissects it has a certain charm. Plus, he is an excellent user of words.

Drug Test Congress Bill

In response to a proposed Georgia bill that will require welfare residents to pass drug testing, a new bill proposed by a state congressman would require state legislators to also be drug tested. This brings up a lot of questions about privileges of the legislature, as these results would be blocked, at least until the whole thing goes up to a court.

The whole thing makes me smile. I am a professional at blatantly holding a double standard, and yet I really have to question the standard of why someone in congress should have special privileges over all of the rest of the world that is just required to do a job. Taxes pay for their lifestyle, and even though the numbers have already proven that drug testing for public welfare are a waste of money, it seems that as long as the recipient is already poor, testing should be required. Even though it will never pass, hopefully, this will bring about some serious discussion.

Without Regulations

In the early 1970s, an amazing photojournalism project called Documerica captured a polluted nation in the midst of establishing its first major environmental protections. Documerica was sponsored by the fledgling E.P.A., which hoped to document and examine the extent of the country's environmental troubles. A team of talented photographers was assembled to shoot, in breathtaking, uncompromising detail, the unchecked air pollution, contaminated waterways, hazardous coal mines, and some truly disturbing waste issues across the U.S.

The image above is of the George Washington Bridge towards New Jersey. So clear!

Society 6

How did I not know about this amazing website that sells all kinds of amazing prints in all sizes and styles? Society 6 has thousands of works for really decent prices, and I am in love bookmarking and figuring out what I want to spend all of my money on. Now, I just need money. Feel free to buy me gift cards. :)