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26 December 2008

Concept BMW

An innovation breaks new ground: car with a flexible outer skin.

The innovation of a flexible outer skin breaks new ground in automotive engineering. This revolutionary solution opens up new design, production and functionality potential. It has a major impact on the interaction between driver and car and enhances it by offering a variety of entirely new options. Some elements of the substructure are moveable.

The driver can move them by means of electro and electro-hydraulic controls. This will also change the shape of the outer skin, which can thus be adapted to suit the current situation, the driver’s requirements and can also enhance the car’s functional range. The most striking example of this is the headlight design. In normal position, when the headlights are not active, i.e. when there is no necessity to illuminate the road, they are hidden under the special fabric cover.

As soon as the driver turns on the lights, the contour of the front end changes.

..via Yanko Design

Mac vs PC

19 December 2008

Flame Meets Desire

FLAME™ by BK® captures the essence of that love and gives it to you. Behold the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat.

By far one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. This whole Burger King ad campaign is really taking creepy and running with it. I do, however, like this review:
Reviewer: sdfgsdr tfhrtf from drgdrg, TX United States
Title says it all, after using just all 5ml of this tiny tube I became irresistable to the plumper women in the area.
They flocked to me ripping off there clothes, rippling as they did so.

I just wanna big shout out to Burger King, without who america would not be so fat and i would never get laid

God Bless the Burger

16 December 2008

Ours 12/08

Yes, it does seem like a repeat of last July, but it luckily was not. Ours is on the last leg of their multi-year tour and decided to pass back through Dallas last night, only 5 months after the last show, before they head home and work on a new album. Everything I wante different about the last show (certain songs played, etc.) was remedied, and they played with another awesome group, Plain Jane Automobile. I would have liked to see more of PJA, but we spent a lot of time driving around trying to find an ATM to get cash to park after getting stuck on 75 due to the worsening weather. Sleet in Texas = dead stop traffic. But damn was that a great show, definitely worth sleeping too little and my ears still ringing.

..photo stolen from Breezy421 off of Flickr, as my camera was too large to take with me.

14 December 2008

If I Hadn't Failed Physics in Hign School.....

I would totally do all the needed equations to figure out the wind resistance. From what I can put together:

[Scion xA curb weight: 2380 pounds] x [23 MPH winds from SSW] x [80 MPH car travel speed heading East] = hard as shit to stay in my lane.

There are faults to little cars. :(

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Angry Iraqi throws shoes at Bush in Baghdad

The only reason this hasn't happened yet in America is no one wants to go to Guantanamo. This guy just earned being my personal hero.

13 December 2008

Things I Reallllllllllly Need #2!!!!!

Index finger trigger, cylinder pinfire, gorgeous design. If there was ever a deadly design that dealt with bullets instead of just fists, this would be it for me. Shitty driver? Dealt with. Creepy old dude hitting on me at a bar? Taken care of. Need a raise? Rolling in it, now, thanks to this. Sooooo want. Need. NEED.........please?

Things I Want #1898989

Bestest motorcycle EVAR!

We're All Gonna Die

In Utah, the Parowan Prophet predicts disaster will prevent Obama from taking office.

"I think that you should hear what my opinion about the Obama election is: that he will not be the next president. I said on my home page in August that if he lost to expect to see the 'riots' that 2 Peter 2:13 tells us about. He didn't lose. But the story is not finished yet. I still think they may begin the riots before Christmas 2008, as I said."

These riots, according to his prophecy, will encourage the "old, hard-line Soviet guard" to seize the moment and rain down nukes on the United States, killing at least 100 million of us.

"Prepare now," Freeborn's letter concluded. "We are downwind from Las Vegas. I hope you can survive."

29 November 2008

Wire Jewelry

Interesting jewelry by Ines Schwotzer. Dunno where I would wear this but still want it anyway.

26 November 2008


So my sister is in Thailand on vacation right now, supposed to leave Friday (tomorrow, they are 16 hours ahead). Here's hoping she gets out and the protesters go home since the Prime Minister was diverted to another airport.

20 November 2008

To Look Forward

Ok, I admit, this is probably the dorkiest, stupidest thing I have ever looked forward to. There has never been a video game that has ever yet been translated into a worthwhile movie (only exception being Final Fantasy VII:Final Advent, but that was animated), case in point every Mortal Kombat movie as the casting director felt the need to add Christopher Lambert.

In college I had a group of friends that were obsessed with the game. Not just sit around and play occasionally, but instead practiced for tournaments. I remember many a fond night of getting my ass kicked over at Greg's old place where a bottle of vodka was kept in the freezer for me for fight nights. That 'dumb rabbit' always won, not of course due to my unexceptional skills, but of course to cheating. Friends had their own joysticks and won serious money. In college I did not call it the Playstation, it was the 'Tekken machine' and good goddamn, I kicked so much ass against the guys I lived in dorms with, it was amazing.

A little sad they will not be incorporating the entire story. Story you say? Not just a fighting game held together with minimal plot? Mmhmm, there really is a very encompassing story in the series. Years and years of plot, and they are only choosing the final game. And Steve Fox being the number one person on IMDB for this movie? Really? He was barely an addition.

My bitches: Marshall Law is too built. For a guy based on his family based on Bruce Lee, wayyyy to built. Kazuya? He is supposed to be the son of Heihachi and the father of Jin. So why does he look like at most 10 years older than Jin? Probably because Hollywood sucks.

So yes, I am a nerd. Much like when I looked forward to 300, I know I am a little dumb when it comes to moves choices. I am a comic book geek with video game nerdiness combined with some sci-fi/fantasy. I want, more than anything, to have a good story. I was never the kind of person who could make the story a reality, so I want stories to distract me for a while.

This had better be worth it.

15 November 2008


"Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke." - Hermann Hesse

08 November 2008

There are days I know I've been right

Eco Elise by Lotus.

One of my favorite cars in the world, with a new wonderful Nicole-style upgrade.

07 November 2008

Recent Sun Pictures

Best pics of the sun. Pretty! Ok, maybe I just like giant firey things.


There is nothing better than Flight of the Conchords. Nothing. I cannot wait for season 2, b/c all I have done since seeing this show is listen to all the songs over and over. "And If you rap like me you don't get paid".

Really, the live stuff is a thousand times better. They come to town, I'm standing right up front.

Nom nom nom nom

Stupidly cute design by Dominik Langhammer. I could see this in a lot of people's places but I cannot understand the idea of ever purchasing something like this rather than just making it yourself.

Squish squish

Squishy shot glasses
I love these. Really, feel free to buy them for me. They are awesome, just like all food products made of this same stuff. Might be an issue drinking the shot due to my playing with the glass, but that's why I need at least 2.


Teddy Killers!

Cabbage Patch Kids

Political Cabbage Patch Kids

No idea what is going on here or where these are, but cute as can be. Way to mix my childhood with currently day.

04 November 2008


It's a fucking massacre. Finally people get one thing right. Very damn good night. Time for much celebration. And yes, when I found out, I kinda screamed.

I Know I'm Getting Old....

When I'm perfectly content to watch the election results. Listening to NPR and hearing that Penn. went to Obama I smiled. When Ohio just fell, we cheered. With the addition of California, Oregon and Washington that are already traditionally blue, it makes Obama the President. If Florida falls, as I would really, really like to see, it is another 25 Electoral votes, making a crushing victory. It would make living in Texas almost okay as even though my vote counts for nothing here, at least everyone else has the same feeling.

I do also love that the newscaster just said that he cannot divulge the location of the ice map for Electoral votes but he can see that he left the lights on in his office.

So far, it is a good night. It's about time for a good night.

25 October 2008

For the Family

So my great aunt died, the one I only remember meeting a thousand years ago at family events. My mother is still in Indiana, my oldest sister in Seattle, and my middle sis and bro-in-law coming back in town tomorrow night. Which leaves me to do to the family stuff, erupting my plans of getting the brakes done. So I get a free brunch tomorrow before the viewing of someone I barely know. here is hoping on a side note my boss will let me go to the bad side of town to fix my metal on metal brakes before driving 500 miles each way.

Or we die on the way. Hope Adrian lives, just filed out the paperwork for him.

12 October 2008

Christmas is Coming

Art by Kim Anno. Beautiful pieces of oil on sheet metal. I didn't ever even think such a medium was possible as getting oil to stick to anything is bloody hard to do, let alone something it can slide right off. These are pieces I would gladly hang on my wall.

Things I'd Probably Make If I Had More Free Time

Berlin-based Mashallah Design & Linda Kostowski have created items of clothing by scanning human bodies and using the data to create sewing patterns. The human form is turned into 3D patterns of polygons, which are then turned into 2D files and used to laser cut fabric. The project was on show at Create Berlin during the London Design Festival earlier this month.

..via Yatzer

Dan Akroyd Still Has a Job

Crystal Head Vodka
Thousands of years ago, thirteen crystal heads were scattered across the earth – and they are greater and more powerful than anything we have the ability to manufacture today. Their workmanship is perfect: they contain no tool marks and have been cut against the natural axis of the crystal, defying the laws of physics. Some say they are artifacts from the lost civilization of Atlantis, some say they date back to the Mayans, still others say they were created by a higher intelligence.

Brought together, the Crystal Heads are said to contain vast knowledge and enlightenment capable of unlocking our most enigmatic ancient mysteries. Alone, each is believed to house radiant psychic energy, which has magical powers and healing properties.

03 October 2008

Pinata of Ridiculuousness

Palin: 6 times said the McCain/Palin administration are mavericks.
Biden: 8 times said Maverick to state exactly why McCain is not a maverick.

Really, how can someone want to elect a woman who gives a shout out to a 3rd grade class in the middle of the VP debates? This is not an award show, this is not the setting where you act like any common fool. Stop calling Americans 'Joe 6-pack' as if that is not an incredibly derogatory term to anyone who has a brain. Maybe there are those who are happy with a 6-pack and a blow job every other week, but do I want that person in charge of the country?

Also, typically the point of a debate is to actually answer the questions rather than to keep talking about things you have done in Alaska that have no tie to the actual question at hand. Biden used facts and well phrased statements, Palin barely managed to look like the thoughts she spoke were even her own and not just trained into her head in the last 48 hours.

Jeebus the woman scares me. Here's hoping next Tuesday has a better debate.

28 September 2008

Best Science Images of 2008

Honorable Mention, Photography: "Squid Suckers: The Little Monsters That Feed the Beast" Drexel University doctoral student Jessica Schiffman won an honorable mention in photography in the 2008 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge for capturing what's actually an array of suckers found on the tentacles of a long-finned squid.

Each sucker--about 400 micrometers wide, or a little smaller than the width of a human hair--is surrounded with "fangs" of chitin, a hard organic material.

Squid use their powerful suckers to secure unwitting prey and feed their robust appetites--much like the horror-movie plant that inspired the image's color scheme.

..via National Geographic

27 September 2008

Level Orange

Why is it that I have been back in Dallas for about 40 minutes and since that time I have been consistently sneezing and with a runny nose? Could it have anything to do with that 'level orange' pollution alert today? And hmmm...could that level orange have anything to do with the peachish/orange haze that hung over all of downtown this morning when I passed by on my way to Austin?

Zyrtec is my new bestest friend. And this is all coincidence, because mankind does not cause any pollution or damage at all! Silly me.

24 September 2008

The United States of Mind

The United States of Mind"As for high-anxiety states, that group includes not just Type A New York and New Jersey, but also states stressed by poverty, such as West Virginia and Mississippi. As a group, these neurotic states tend to have higher rates of heart disease and lower life expectancy."

So it turns out according to this study that Texas has an extraversion of 16, agreeableness 25, conscientiousness 17, neuroticism 28 and openness of 17. All pretty low numbers, indicating we're nice, friendly folk. Go us!

As a bonus when looking at this, our fantastic vice-presidential candidate that is pro-life, pro-gun, creationist comes from Alaska, with the scores of: extraversion of 49, agreeableness 51, conscientiousness 51, neuroticism 47 and openness of 49. So she comes from the land of the introverted, mean, rude, laid-back, and close minded. Perfect for a position of power!

21 September 2008

And I'm a Douchebag

I'm a PC

Really. Because having 86% tof the American consumers makes perfect sense to go ahead and mock the competition. Way to go innovative marketing/advertising team!

Things I Want # 237

LED interactive coffee table

Yay Charlie!

10 reasons it would rule to date a unicorn!

20 September 2008

Kids Change the World!

12 year old revolutionizes the solar cell

When I was 12 we had 'Invention Convention', and the winner was a girl who painted a milk carton red and shoved it full of plastic bags and created the 'spare bag holder', an invention that has been out in much better forms for much longer. But of course, it wouldn't have anything to do with her mother being one of the judges. Nooooo....This kid probably could win in that contest either.

So True

I guess temptation was too much for me. Damn that Satan.

..via Vintage Vandalism

19 September 2008

The Power of Wind

I dunno. I think I liked his original job of just messing with people and the people not fighting back. Looks like fun.

17 September 2008

Better than a Windmill

Dutch scientists have been experimenting with wind power in a new form, kites. Since kites can reach a higher latitude than a wind turbine, tethering one to a generator has been proved so far to be able to produce enough energy to pwer 10 homes, and there are plans on new models that could produce enough energy for 100,000 homes. And they are colorful, so when they are up in the sky, we get a better view than that of an airplane!

06 September 2008


As we were: five years ago (or 4 and a lot of months).

Hell, I never even thought I could keep a friend this long...life is a lot different when you are 22 than 27.

05 September 2008

New Ways to Show Support

Pick a look/hobby/profession, it's on here. Seems the only thing missing is actually 'disgruntled workers for Obama'. I might actually pay for that one.

Also, check out: Send a condom to a Republican delegate. Because really, abstinence only works wonders. Just ask Bristol Palin.

Wow! PC for the win!

It is a rare day indeed when I show support for a PC over an Apple. Rarer yet when it is an HP, the computer I remember growing up to be a complete pain in the ass and not worth the money paid. Working at Circuit City after high school, wemocked the customers that dared purchase an HP over a Sony, although decidely less than the unfortunate purchasers of eMachines.

So, that said, I am in awe over this amazing use of recycled materials by HP for the Pavillion dv692. Rather than a huge box of packaging (my Powerbook has a box measuring 8x14x22 sitting my closet), a used messenger bag serves as the basic holder. Internal air bubbles keep the product protected while eliminating 97% of the packaging. Three of these fit into a larger box for shipping, cutting another 65% of the packaging space for shipping purposes. Way for someone to think outside of the box (ha! a pun!) and come up with a much better solution. And with the nifty messenger bag, the buyer saves even more for not having to invest in a laptop bag.

Too bad that in the end, it IS still an HP....

Back to Normality....

Good God I'm lazy. I've been spending most of the day uploading photos from my external hard drive to a private folder on Flickr since I'm already paying for it and my hard driveonly seems to like to show up anymore on my work laptop. Stupid Windows/Mac/crappy hard drive brand compatibility. I had no idea until now just how many photos I have taken in the past 5 years or so, nor how time consuming it really is to transfer all tens of thousands of photos it is.

The plan was to spend the day getting the Seattle photos online as well as reading up on all the political pointlessness I've missed out on lately. NPR is wonderful, but only helpful if you catch a good show.

So, maybe soon I will have a good post.In the meatime, you get aNihil quote that pretty much sums up everything: "the Republicans want to go on and on about experience, well George W Bush has 8 years experience being the president, and he f-ing sucks at it."

21 August 2008


Off to Seattle to go visit my sister and her boyfriend. It has been 2 long years since I was there, so very excited to go back, not to mention the break from work being fantastic.

..photo by BensonKua

16 August 2008


Salmonella Basics
Not everyone who ingests salmonella bacteria will become ill. Children, especially infants, are the most likely candidates to get sick from it. About 50,000 cases of salmonella infection are reported in the United States each year and about one third of those are in kids 4 years old or younger.

The type of salmonella most commonly associated with infections in humans is called nontyphoidal salmonella. It is carried by chickens, cows, and reptiles such as turtles, lizards, and iguanas.
......Not me. While I keep trying to be empathetic, the overwhelming irony that it was not the downfall of salmonella-infested jalapenos or cilantro, but some nasty runny-non-cooked-eggs just makes me giggle. Even if I have had to deal with the downside all weekend.


On a side note, too many life posts lately.

The Things You Learn...

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again
The real Humpty Dumpty was not a person but a powerful cannon used by the Royalist forces during the English Civil War of 1642 to 1651.

Sir Charles Lucas and Sir George Lisle led the King's men and overpowered the Parliament stronghold of Colchester early in 1648. They grimly held on while the Parliamentarians, led by Thomas Fairfax, encircled and besieged the town.

The supporters of Charles I almost won the day - all thanks to his doughtiest defender, Humpty Dumpty. In pole position, as it were, on top of the church tower of St Mary-at-the-Walls (Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall) their gunners managed to blast away the attacking Roundhead troops for 11 weeks.

Eventually, though, the top of the church tower was blown away, sending Humpty Dumpty crashing to the ground, where it buried itself in deep marshland (Humpty Dumpty had a great fall).

The king's cavalry (the horses) and the infantry (the men) hurried to retrieve the cannon, but they couldn't put Humpty together again - and without their weapon of mass destruction they were soon overrun by Fairfax and his soldiers.

...From archaic nursery rhymes...viaDaily Mail>

British people are bloody weird.

15 August 2008

It's All So True

7 Steps to a Cooler You

"Nothing Endures but Change"

So middle sister is pregnant. Now I find out that she is not only pregnant, but expecting twins. So sometime around St. Patrick's Day or before, I will become an aunt. Or, as the case may be, due to my middle name, I will become Aunt Ique (eek) so that one day, if these kids also breed, I can be Auntique. Yes, my family is very clever.

“All who would win joy, must share it; happiness was born a twin.”-Lord Byron

09 August 2008

HDR Photography

HDR Creme with a gallery of over 2100 high dynamic
range photos. If you like photography, this site is definitely worth looking at.

08 August 2008

05 August 2008

Tantrum waiting....

A good friend moved away last week. She was supposed to be finishing her bachelors at Texas Tech, until her bank account got jacked and stole her tuition money. so instead, she moved to Houston with her parents for the time being.

Another friend was granted her doctorate a few weeks ago and wiill be moving to London for a fellowship.

And the closest pain is that a very good friend is leaving in the morning for a few weeks in Mississippi to visit family and then will be moving to Chicago to pursue acting. Just left him about 10 minutes ah\go, and already miss him, as he has been a staple for the past year and a half.

Really, at this rate, I will be completely friendless in 2 months if this trend is not abated.

03 August 2008

Things I Need # 1

My downstairs neighbor has my dream car. No, really. I have wanted a 240Z since I ever thought about driving as something I might do in the future. Sure, it sucks for gas efficiency and if I had the money, I'd probably make a Smart roadster and change the engine due to the cheapness and lack of upkeep, but this is the car I have been dreaming about since I was 10 (don't judge me, I was sheltered). When I was trying to buy my first car, I wanted to buy a Datsun 280z, but was told very clearly by my parents that I could not buy a used car. Saddest day of my life. Instead, I end up buying a car that I could 'afford' and 'pay off' and all those stupid ideas that make sense. And now, I get to covet my neighbors possession and look at how pretty it is everyday. And then be awoken by the pretty little loud-ass car. That could've been me. The top picture was totally stolen from the internet, b/c I am too lazy to walk downstairs. Yes, very sad. Also explains why I love Adrian's 350. But nowhere near as much.


Few days late to post, but sometimes it is an absolutely wonderful thing to live on the third floor so that a much broader perspective is possible. Sure, the bottom picture is a bad composite that does not line up correctly, but the only way I really could have gotten the whole rainbow correctly was to sit on the roof. Or have a mountain to see it on, but unfortunately, that only ever was possible when the original X Files movie decided Dallas was near a tectonic plate edge.

31 July 2008

I'm Not Even Cool Enough to be Hipster

An artificial appropriation of different styles from different eras, the hipster represents the end of Western civilization – a culture lost in the superficiality of its past and unable to create any new meaning. Not only is it unsustainable, it is suicidal. While previous youth movements have challenged the dysfunction and decadence of their elders, today we have the “hipster” – a youth subculture that mirrors the doomed shallowness of mainstream society.

I love when I have typed out a whole rant and Blogger kills it. Fancy.

So I was ranting about how I agree with a lot this article states due to the nature that indie music brings to a show. However, I disagree about how superficial or unsustainable this subculture is compared to any other subculture that has existed. Look around your office tomorrow and think back to what everyone above the age of 30 was about 5 to 10 years ago or more. Punk? Goth? Hardcore? Hippie? Are those subcultures any more sustainable due to breeding and the influence of Jimi Hendrix or The Clash?

I have already stated before the unfortunate outfits of this group, and the writer brings up the very correct unfortunate dancing. A hipster left alone to dance is like watching an ostrich mate with a spider web. It knows it should flap its wings to fly, but keeps getting sticky webbing on them that makes them flap up in odd directions and then stay suspended until the self-mortification comes to a white dwarf close.

Plus, there is always the 'end times' part of the article that makes this go beyond the fantastic. "The end of Western Civilization" only has been touted for how long now? Sure the axis is slowly turning, but I am pretty sure that being a hipster will bring about neither the end of times for our Amerikan experience, nor be the end-all idea anyone has of what we as an Amerkican culture really are. Until they grow up and unleash "The Animal Collective" and "Arctic Monkeys" on the poor, unsuspecting (hopefully deaf) hordes.

In the meantime, check out Stereogum, The Hype Machine or buy me a subscription of Adbusters for a chance to see me rant about all kinds of things I both agree with and the reason for wanting to burn the magazine to the ground. No, really, BUY ME ADBUSTERS. I have literally, had relationships made and broken on my views of that magazine. And, I get a new tag if I am purchased a new subscription.

And please, discourage leggings, indie beards and terrible white rimmed or slotted sunglasses for all you are worth.

26 July 2008

Thoughts From Margarita Dinner

I drive like a banana!

Or so I was told by a very inebriated wonderful friend. Best analogy ever.

Missed Billigerent. Good times, lightweights. Time to go drink more to make up for you guys.

Weird Side Note

Despite not having the boyish figure....I would have been an awesome flapper. With my hair now pulled back it fits, along with my Gatsybian love for drink and disaster.......Born in the wrong time........

22 July 2008

Drink as Molecules

Molecular Expressions: The Cocktail Collection. The above is called a Kahlua Toreador. Pretty, but not my style. Below, Scotch, the yummy ambrosia of the Nicole's.

I Think It Means Something....

MacBook Touch

Oh good f*ingchrist. (And I am not meaning you, Cabbagehead.)

I wantwantwantwantwant!!! If this comes to fruition......

I need to save money....and keep the G4 as backup for use compared to all of the first generation stripped down features this is sure to have.