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31 July 2009

Notes on Packing

I own too much gorram fabric. >:(

30 July 2009

Thanks NTTA!

In North Dallas area, there is 1 inner freeway circling city with a tollway on an outer loop. Crossing that into the city from the central and east is 1 freeway and another tollway. I live directly on the northeast corner of the crux of the tollways. making the easiest way anywhere one of the these 2 tollways. Following a car accident on Independence Day, my car has been in the shop and I have been driving around in a rental. While I normally have not been continuing to drive on the tollways, there has been the occasional use,of which I was not sure how it would work out on the bill, seeing as I forgot to take my tolltag out of the car, and they began the new billing system on 190 that does not require the tag and bills by license place. The old price for not paying through one of the large booths used to be a $25 hit each time.

Total cost after getting my car back yesterday and returning the rental? $4.40. Hell, yes! They finally fixed the horrible unfair system that north Texas wallowed under for the last 10+ years. If I had actually known how little it would cost, I would have driven more and spent less time in traffic.

But hey, on the plus side, I move a little further north soon that will force me to drive the slow method, with more time in city, less on the highway. This should have happened next month instead. At least Enterprise gave me a hybrid Ford Escape to make up for it being an SUV. While I would never buy a vehicle that large again, almost hated to give it back as nicely as it rode.

25 July 2009


Hey, Nihil, look what I have!!!

Possibly one of the best birthday gifts in a long time, especially due to the thought and that I did not expect it in any way. Thank you. Now I just have to figure out whether to play it or frame it.

22 July 2009

Lucky Number 7

10 Worst Evolutionary Designs

Seriously, our stomachs are on the list? Seems so very less frightening than so many of the others on the list, especially #'s 2 and 6.

Thanks, Wired

In the old days, my friends were nerds

So while packing up books, I came across an old notebook that at one time I evidently decided to chronicle all of the messages an old friend used to send me on my pager. Being a pager, this had to have been about 7 years ago or so. And yes, even 7 years ago, I was completely behind the times and did not own a cell phone. Because I am that cool.

The pages, in order received, over the weeks:

13:53 - Got vodka? A message from the national drunk association.

13:16 - Error 406 - Pager meltdown.If this error persists. submerge the pager in cold water for 4 minutes.

16:58 - Error: Please refill alcohol level. If the error persists pour vodka in the side of the pager device.

13:35 - Pager model - 23667186711 error - needs lovin. Store device in pocket with vibrate mode active.

13:12 - Just :) and putmore vodka on my circuits/

22:26 - Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. - Pager language: French.

14:44 - Error: Pager flatuence. Remove any constrictive accessories from this device.

22:01 - Got drunk association emergency. Call the director.

13:32 - Moo-mad pagers disease. Toss this device in garbage disposal.

10:59 - This is the all new and improved noodle beep! It's a pager and a tasty snack! Order now!

22:44 - Pager malfunction. Error: 19566452 occurred. Please moo at the pager so it believes it is a cow.

17:26 - The Smurf page feature has been turned on. You can Smurf it off again by Smurfing the Smurf button.

21:46 Fourth of July - Moo news: In the news today, there were numerous blasts in the downtown Garland area around 9:30 pm. Witnesses described them as colorful lights in the sky. At this time they are not determined to be acts of terrorism.

10:37 - Automatic pager deflection shield is now active.Device is now resistant to photon torpedoes. May cause side effects such as vomiting and hair loss.

12:32 - Moo - The error was errorfull.

09:45 - Error 15467552 - There was a pointless error.

19:38 - Error: Pager device has no sympathy for your callers. You may purchase this feature as an upgrade to your service. - Warning...may not contain all emotions. If you make the pager angry it may tell you to 'talk to the hand!'

19:50 - Error: the ATM pin that you entered was not yours. It belongs to Bill Gates. Please try account number 2940312254885456.

17:27 - Weather update: The National Weather Service has predicted that there is weather outside. Weather is a common occurrence in this city.

03:28 - Beep news: Due to a lack of corporate funds in our bank we were forced to hire monkeys to enter in the text from your pager voice messages. There may be some communication difficulties, however, we will be able to continue providing

03:32 - Hi friend! Banana. I like bananas. I have a tree where I used to live and I ate bananas. I have 3 bananas in my cubicle. I wonder if the guy next to me gets more bananas per hour than me?

13:56 - Hi I just (monkey) saw at Starbucks (monkey monkey) are you working today? (feed me bananas)

17:40 - Error: Due to network errors your pager no longer exists.

15:03 - News flash: A major accident today at the intersection of Main and First involving a Thunderbird and a Mustang. There was horseshit and feathers everywhere!

21 July 2009

I Really Wish...

That people would quit letting Clive Owen 'act'.

18 July 2009

Ayn Rand Character Flowchart

Yes, it is really rather true, but nonetheless, still love her books.

F*** This!

Swearing reduces pain?

So I had a discussion on this a few days ago but had not read the article. I was mostly curios how they tested the theory, seeing as how rats cannot curse (in English at least, s far as I know) and who would be dumb enough to volunteer. Evidently, undergrads are this dumb, which anyone who has been to college or just been around anyone that age can attest, and are the most obvious group to test this out. I do however, disagree that putting your hand in ice cold water and seeing how long it takes to hurt is the equivalent of jamming your toe, smashing your elbow into a wall, or hitting your thumb with a hammer. I say take the same undergrads dumb enough to test the water theory and start smashing them with hammers to really verify the results.

17 July 2009

Rocking Horse: Updated!

Felix Götze designed this rocking horse out of few bits and pieces of old German motorbikes.
This really makes more sense than a horse if you think about it, seeing as how more kids will grow up to ride motorcycles than horses.

16 July 2009


These large works on paper are made by exploding and containing live fireworks, resulting in bursts of saturated color that are overlaped and collaged into abstract compositions. Art by Rosemarie Fiore

I Hate my Friends

The mouse-over is the best part (check the link). I love my friends, especially those that send my things like this to keep me in check.

You are an ass, but thanks for thinking of me on my birthday. Or, thanks for xkcd and friends for pulling a Rand reference on my birthday. Either way, kudos.

I wish I were more of a sociopath

Thoughts on the end of the night:

There are things I cannot explain out loud. My mind is my own. I cannot make things better, I cannot put into words where I am or what I expect for the future.

I am trying to lie in the bed I have made, please let it go at that. The world is right now very black and white, and nothing will change that aspect.


Do not force me, I will shut down to a place more distant than where I am normally. I repeat, my mind is my own, and I do not plan on sharing any bit of it.

10 July 2009


So when did Hulu suddenly turn against me and start feeling the need to subject me to U2 songs during commercial breaks?

06 July 2009

On Second Thought...

American's are just plain stupid. Manual of Style (Spelling)


My mother: I must have missed this...I didn't know you had these.

Me, earlier email: As for interviews, one cancelled b/c he found a new job, which is nice b/c it means one less interview, and unless the other 4 knock my cocks off, I'll probably hire...

I think there is a point in your over-protective parents eyes when you become an adult and finally share things like this back to you. It made me laugh to tears.

Side note, it'd be great of Blogger understood that the majority of the world does actually spell it cancelled and not canceled. Stop trying to spell it incorrectly for me, damnit.

03 July 2009

Heat Index

Taken 07/02 at around 1800 CDT while stopped at a light in Plano. I hate Texas.

01 July 2009

Found Randomness

Gives me ideas for toys for the Rufusi. My sister will love me being an aunt.

..via Imgfave

Ridiculous Arguments

Why I Never Bring My Lunch To Work
This is one of the dumbest articles I have ever read. Because really, nothing says corporate ladder climbing like spending $6+ everyday on your lunch. And seeing how food out isn't very healthy, I guess one of the keys to promotion is a fat ass.

Maybe it is just my place of employment, but I never see most of the managers even take a lunch, and all the employees that have the option skip theirs and leave an hour early.