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23 October 2012

Vegetables = Happiness

It’s a new research finding likely to be protested by 5-year-olds everywhere: People who eat more vegetables and fruits are significantly happier than those who eschew such foods.

Dartmouth University’s Daniel Blanchflower looked at the eating habits of 80,000 British citizens. He, alongside two British researchers, saw that mental well being — satisfaction with one’s life on a scale of one to 10 — rose alongside each serving of produce consumed daily.

Brussel sprouts make me happy. Spaghetti squash makes me happy. Vegetables are amazing. I concur with the results of this study.

Ten Best Hiking Trails in the World

I want to hike them all. You know those lofty dreams you have that are unlikely to come true? Hiking all over the world has always been one of mine. Yes, cities are awesome and there's all kinds of culture to immerse yourself in, but to me, there's nothing like quite like being out in the open and being able to see the countryside of new places. Maybe it's the Boy Scout in me, or maybe I'm just an idiot. But nonetheless, I've always wanted the time and money to do things like these trails.

I am kinda sad to see the Appalachian Trail wasn't on the list.

09 October 2012

Damned if you do.....

In health news: Credible outlet the Daily Mail cites a study (without links) that 50% of parents drink every week, 60% of those thought it had no effect on their children. Obviously, they should all have their children removed as these results are incredibly disturbing.

Also, released evidence of a study that cracking your neck raises you likelihood of stroke, which is completely new and damning evidence and not at all the same as released in 2003.

 Obviously, I would be a model parent as long as I have a good life insurance policy.


32 metronomes all set off at different times on an off kilter base find synchronization. It seems so simple and yet, enticing.

Glass art by Jon Kuhn

Where the majority work with molten or blown glass, Mr. Kuhn works in cold glass that is cut, polished, and fused into a myriad of shapes from the inside out. The result is a sculpture that takes in surrounding light, then reflects and refracts it back into space much like a fine diamond. No two are alike, and once created they appear to change color and radiance when viewed from different angles and lighting. His desire is to continue creating beautiful works, every one unique, bringing light and joy to those who experience them.

Some of his work is displayed at Gallery Mack at Western x Lenora. Next time in Seattle.....


Hiroshima’s Shintaro Ohata is one of those artists who shows us everyday scenes in a manner we haven’t seen it before. Resplendent with emotion, Ohata’s sculptural paintings are an amalgamation of two- and three-dimensional art, in which a 3D sculpture is placed in front of a 2D painting that serves as its backdrop. It’s as though the characters depicted in the scene have jumped free of their backgrounds and into real life.

Art on Drugs

Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders conducted a bizarre experiment. For several weeks, he took a different drug every day and made a portrait of himself under the influence.

Not sure how much is real versus how much is gimmick, but nonetheless, I like it. But seriously, how is he alive with that many drugs ingested?