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31 October 2009

Shackleton's Whisky

CAPE ROYDS, Antarctica — This spit of black volcanic rock that juts out along the coast of Antarctica is an inhospitable place. Temperatures drop below -50 Fahrenheit and high winds cause blinding snowstorms. The only neighbors are a colony of penguins that squawk incessantly and leave a pungent scent in their wake.

But if you happen upon the small wooden hut that sits at Cape Royds and wriggle yourself underneath, you'll find a surprise stashed in the foot and a half of space beneath the floorboards. Tucked in the shadows and frozen to the ground are two cases of Scotch whisky left behind 100 years ago by Sir Ernest Shackleton after a failed attempt at the South Pole.

Religion Flowchart

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Hot Springs Camping Trip

Completely random, our of order pictures from camping last weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas.One of the 47 springs. Most have been closed off from the surface or redirected to flow to the numerous fountains and bath houses.

Fordyce bathhouse, turned into the Visitor's Center
Really brilliant gallery owner. Everything else on the building is labeled 'Gallery 726', except for the massive sign with the added 3rd l.
Not even Halloween. Of course there are Christmas ornaments!
West Mountain overlook
Surprise visitor coming from the Observation Tower

Shaved ice building stuffed in the alley between 2 other buildings.
Fordyce bathhouse
Ozark bathhouse, currently being used as an art museum

29 October 2009

Without Question

"The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought."
-Sir Thomas Beecham

This is How I Spend my Day

Going back and forth to the bathroom. Not looking at comics of course.

I <3 Scots


...Anyone know where this came from?

18 October 2009

Now, which one do you think you’ll remember in ten minutes?

The Fucking Word of the Day - it's easier to learn with sex, drugs, and fucking swearing.

Will love this once it gets more of a history. Cute concept.

Food Dye

Vegetable oil, food dye photos by Corey Holms

08 October 2009

One Surrealist a Day

Art from Gesign. Mood: Fear. Music: Beethoven.

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It's a Bad Time to Live in Texas

So let's start at the beginning. Yesterday I came across this article about how the 1972 Clean Water Act is grossly ignored by almost all state agencies meant to enforce the act.
"In the last five years alone, chemical factories, manufacturing plants and other workplaces have violated water pollution laws more than half a million times. The violations range from failing to report emissions to dumping toxins at concentrations regulators say might contribute to cancer, birth defects and other illnesses."

"The Times’s research also shows that last year, 40 percent of the nation’s community water systems violated the Safe Drinking Water Act at least once, according to an analysis of E.P.A. data."

"Finally, the Times’s research shows that fewer than 3 percent of Clean Water Act violations resulted in fines or other significant punishments by state officials. And the E.P.A. has often declined to prosecute polluters or force states to strengthen their enforcement by threatening to withhold federal money or take away powers the agency has delegated to state officials."
This article then led to another NY Times article along the same lines, this time about how Texas Governor Rick Perry used his State of the State speech back in January to attack the EPA, stating:
Unfortunately, our strength in petrochemical production and refining makes us a big target on the radar of an increasingly activist E.P.A., whose one-size-fits-all approaches could severely harm our energy sector; an agency whose potential to harm our state with punitive actions will only increase in the months and years to come.
As I often do, reading this made me rather irate and helpless at the same time. Living in Texas is hard when you're a liberal and care about the environment, when you know there is no chance of making an overall difference since the government of your state believes more in being against an 'activist EPA' than really working to solve any issues. Further, I cannot understand really where the EPA is becoming increasingly activist if the first article shows 97% of all violations have nothing come of them? Looking at the interactive map, there are several locations nearby with at least 1 violation in the last year, and I live in a rather affluent suburb. It's actually kind of astonishing how many concrete manufacturers there are nearby.

Then this morning, the next crushing blow about living in Dallas came in the form of a web study that rates the intelligence of the largest 55 cities and metroplexes. The study rates their findings on how much non-fiction book sales, higher education degrees, institutions of higher learning and political activism. While the study is of course informal, it is really rather depressing to have your city labeled number 48. Based on their seemingly high scale of IQ where the #1 spot ranked with an IQ of 170, DFW received only a 64. We do not read, we do not vote, we have very few colleges and universities, and we definitely do not make it into the top 20 cities for Bachelor and Masters degrees.

It's depressing. I could definitely deal with a change of scenery to Denver #5, Seattle #7 or Portland #9

02 October 2009

How People Spend Their Time

NY Times interactive chart showing how people spend their time. Old link, but interesting nonetheless.

Russian Army Test

Russian army test

So what you see is what to be said an entry level test leaked from Russian army. Here is the translation: “Six questions that help to identify any hidden psychological diseases young soldier might. If the soldier can’t see the number in one of the 6 circles on the test picture, the he likely might having:

Can’t see circle 1: High agression, proneness to conflict, the recommendation is to add more physical excercise and cold showers.

Can’t see circle 2: Possible low than average intellectual abilities, can’t serve with sophisticated equipment.

Can’t see circle 3: Possible debauchery, soldier should get increased daily ration, should get more physical activity tasks, should not be connected to food supplies, etc.

Can’t see circle 4: Possible inclination to violence, can be assigend as a leader to his unit, as he can preserve discipline.

Can’t see circle 5: Possible latent homosexuality. Can be light uncontrolled accesses of attraction to the same sex.

Can’t see circle 6: Possible schizophreanic tendency. Required additional inspection.

Every soldier should be tested before assignment, according to the order #2299.”

So, for the life of me I cannot see anything in the 5th circle. Evidently I have a latent desire for the loving of women. True, women are hot, but I really figured of all of these I'd be labeled in the 4th or 6th circle.

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Russian Paw Shoes

I want some.


A Softer World