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27 January 2008

I think he's trying to tell me something...


This is the kind of thing I get from co-workers. Quizzes they expect me to pass b/c I am, obviously, an alcoholic. At least according to this. Juniper berries required guessing.

I miss the tubes......

So Greg has one of those retarded keyboards that are supposed to stop wrist pain and suc. Great ig you know how to properly type, however I am struggling with this since my standard is 50+wpm in ridiculous 2 finger style. Yes, my ring fingers and pinky's never get tired. From typing. Yeah.

Went with Bria to a bridal show today. Scariest thing ever in the last few years, considering the bride looks like she is 12 and I was asked repeatedly when my wedding date to James was planned.

There are cliffs I can find prior to that ever happening. So I am free to find a brown or green dress, hopefullt show up in clothes. Threatening nakedness just to upset the Catholiv wedding, thpugh I think most will be unphased.

But nonetheless, outside of all this, not having the internet is killing me. Killing. Dunno when this will vhange, but this is a form of hell for non-believers. Really. No, really.

24 January 2008

The End is Nigh

The internet is to be cut off tomorrow, ending all the terribly long time we paid way too much for Verizon's very unreliable and awful service. Once established in the new place we should be getting some new form of tubeage, probably through the cable tv option, not that we ever watch tv. But I suppose with that option, we can now have the chance to watch a documentary or an episode of American Gladiators (until real television returns, which we also didn't watch) if the mood strikes. Rabbit ears have thus far given us static and religious or Spanish stations. Go all those German classes back in high school I don't remember. Very helpful in Texas.

So, this might be it, unless the neighbors become more slack and stop blocking my habits with passwords. Three years here and the next door neighbor finally blocked the internet a month ago. Seems just about right. So, if there's nothing new here, it could easily be I am ignoring you, or it could be I don't feel like disconnecting my laptop from the dock at work to check my email.

And now, I am off to watch bad karaoke and spend some time with friends. The world might end tonight as we are supposed to be getting some ice and freezing weather. Knowing Dallas and all the wonderful people around here, the quarter inch we will probably receive will end up with everything closing down tomorrow, much to my chagrin. See you guys in a week or two.

19 January 2008

Thoughts on Packing

Moving is an interesting experience. To me, who spent so many years living in the same place, it is a cathartic undertaking. Going through belongings, throwing out what you realize you no longer use nor need. Finding objects that you've been looking for all this time but accidentally got tucked into the wrong box long ago. Memories that no one else could ever understand that can make you just stop and stare at an origami box given to you over a decade ago or an ornamental plate given by your sibling that really reminds you of a joke form a long time ago concerning someone else. Most of the time, you never pay attention to these things when they hang on a wall or sit on a shelf, unless they require cleaning or someone else happens to see and comment. They become part of the background, just a piece of everyday life that no matter how important or trivial they are, you don't even notice.

The den is completely destroyed right now. The mantle is empty, the lights missing. Boxes are everywhere, mostly still waiting to be filled. I wish I could say I was a neat or organized packer, but mostly my method is to start with the most non-essential small items and move into the bigger and more cumbersome. Really starting to question how much I will allow the movers to touch, or more likely, how much they will move without charging extra. Sure we're only moving 4 miles away, but it still requires dismantling everything to do it. And there is much more to move now than was there 3 years ago.

Everything has changed during the time I have lived here. More than once. Cathartic to move, cathartic to stay. Something that I wish could have been much different. Somethings that never ever should have happened, some that perhaps should have. Odd to sit back and look at everything in the past tense and think of everything that led to this when the distance is only 4 miles. Electricity has been changed over, internet canceled as of sometime next week (no more shitty Verizon, we'll go without rather than pay for that again), just need to verify everything with the moving company (yay free!) and change over the mail.

Dunno if it would be easier if I was a gypsy. Never had the option. But, really, while I know it would scare the bejeebus out of me, I wish I were moving across country, far away from all that I had already known. Then, at least, I could be free of some of the spells that hold me in place when I should be running.

17 January 2008

When UnAmerican became Sticker Nation

So thanks to the prince of dorks I gave yet another try, this time rewarded in my feverish state with all of the past coming tumbling back at me. I used to be more honest, more uncertain. All the questions I seemed to have asked then have been answered, replaced by yet another multitude of fill-in-the-blank and essays to create without knowing the topic.

I was recently told be someone I respect very dearly that if nothing else, I always need to hold on to my veracity. Is it just because it is easier this way, or do I find myself in this personality by the miniscule choices that I made along the way. Is there a difference? Path of least resistance was what was always touted, but did I even follow my own mantra?

The shower did not help. the last time I remember being that cold deep down in my bones was back in high school, after running half a mile down the beach to the only firm ceiling around. March, 1999, the furthest east I have been. The longest trip in uncertainty, soberness, and leadership in the past 15 years. I should be at work, running reports and watching over the world. I should be packing, getting ready for the abandonment of the first place of freedom I ever knew. Closets need turning out, laundry needs to be done. But I sit here dizzy and unaware of what time it is, nor the state of the universe.

The times have long been forgotten, the names I used to conceal the truth from others are now concealed to me. I cannot remember who the Butterfly or the Bruiser were, when speaking in riddles you forget the answer. Maybe that's the only thing I have learned all this time. Leave the riddles in the Labyrinth, and trust only the blatant ridicule in front of you.

"we are the mopey, and we are the unloved. we are the uncertain, and we are gods among men."--Nihil

Still hating the sicknessity

Woke up this morning to a 103 degree fever. Called out to work, ate a little food, took some otc medicine. Fever dropped to 100. Very drugged, I went back to bed, woke up 6 hours later to a fever back up to 102.7. Which has now climbed back up past 103. My jaw hurts from clenching it shut throughout the night due to shivering. At one time I woke up and put on one of Adrian's flannel shirts to make me warmer, still wearing it now. Still cold. Gonna try blasting the heater and showering, see if that helps any. At least this happened on a Thursday, where I have 2 days off afterwards to recover.

Bria, I apologize if I don't make it tomorrow. I will try, but if I am feeling this bad, I'll see you next weekend. Love you either way. <3

16 January 2008

I Hate Being Sick

Know what would be nice right about now? Breathing.

Junk City

Junk City by Enoki Chu, made of drill bits and machine parts

15 January 2008

Overheard at Work....

"One time my kid was crying and wouldn't stop, so we put holy water on him and prayed over him and he stopped. I'm serious, it really works."


Sometimes the kid just has to cry. Not sure the effect prayer really had here. I just don't understand faith.

Reasons to Love the Criterion Collection

"I've been around the world several times, and now only the banality interests me."

"I will have spent my life trying to understand the function of remembering, which is not the opposite of forgetting, but rather its lining. We do not remember. We rewrite memory much as history is rewritten. How can one remember thirst?"

"All women have a built in grasp of indestructibility and all men's task is to make them realize it as late as possible."

- San Soliel

13 January 2008

Someone buy me things I want?

Bookcase by Arianna Vivenzio

I would definitely use something like this. Put up a few around the house both vertically and horizontally and start shoving stuff into it. Wouldn't be a good replacement for my bookcases since I would need about a million, but I'm sure I could find things to put in the rubber band.

..via Design Spotter

Not Dolls

Steampunk Justice League Action Figures

09 January 2008

Murakami Quotes

"Although I didn't think so at the time, things were a lot simpler in 1969. All you had to do to express yourself was throw rocks at riot police. But with today's sophistication, who's in a position to throw rocks? Who's going to brave what tear gas? C'mon, that's the way it is. Everything is rigged, tied into that massive capital web, and beyond this web there's another web. Nobody's going anywhere. You throw a rock and it'll come right back at you." - page 55, Dance Dance Dance, Haruki Murakami

"It was spring break, so the theater was always packed with high schools students. It was an animal house. I wanted to burn the place down." - page 159, Dance Dance Dance, Haruki Murakami

02 January 2008

Like NASA for Traffic

Tokyo Traffic Control Center

"The Expressway Display Board, Central Display Board, and Information Display Board paint a picture of the immediate traffic situation by compiling information from cameras, helicopters, police, citizen reports, and over 17,000 vehicle detectors all around the city."

Don't see anything like this in Dallas. Guessing all we've got the retarded monkey throwing poop at a tv set to Fox News.

01 January 2008

Liquor Lock

Keep “unwanted customers” from running your bar dry. Just enter a three-pin combination, then turn the top clockwise until the lock expands and is tight. Re-enter the combination and turn counter-clockwise to release. Keep the kids and help from helping themselves.

Hello Kitty Contacts

Never did understand why people like Hello Kitty products, but I think if I saw someone with these I might have to force them into wearing glasses. Preferably the dark ones blind people use. Creepy.

Hello Kitty Hell via Gizmodo

Why write a law just to not use it?

The law: It gives police officers the discretion to arrest a suspect – as they have been doing – or write citations for a series of class A and B misdemeanors for possession of less than 4 ounces of marijuana.

Other applications: Other misdemeanors for which officers can now write tickets include driving with an invalid license, criminal mischief, creating graffiti and theft, as long as the damage costs for each incident is less than $500.

Possible punishment: A class A misdemeanor can result in up to one year in jail and fines of up to $4,000. A class B misdemeanor can result in up to 180 days in jail and up to $2,000 in fines.

But the new law, which went into effect Sept. 1, is being used only in Travis County. Prosecutors in Dallas, Tarrant and Collin counties never set up a system to process the misdemeanor citations and, they say, they have no plans to do so.

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Leave it to hippieland Austin to actually enforce a method such as this. Why conserve resources when it makes much more sense to send someone down to Lew Sterrett instead?