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27 April 2009


Nothing quite like walking into the office on a Monday morning and finding a model of your dream car on your desk. Now i just need to make the 240z grow and put an engine in it. Or, find the money to buy this one, even if it is lacking the nifty upgraded chrome wheels.

26 April 2009


These shoes from a flea market in Chile look like they have been tempura'd. But doesn't seem like there was quite enough batter.

24 April 2009

This is why you're fat

Anyone who is around me for a even a short period of time will realize I am an extremely picky eater. I don't eat much meat, I refuse to touch pork, dislike salty, sour, breaded or fried foods. The typical 'down home cooking' makes my stomach turn over, and with the exception of scrambled eggs and toast, there is nothing that I would ever think of eating at places like Cracker Barrel or Black Eyed Pea. I eat pretty healthy, with my biggest vices for food lying in cheese and breads (although always multigrain!). I like veggies, I try to cook once a week for lunches at work, and could pretty well be a vegetarian if I didn't enjoy chicken fajitas so very much. So with that preface, I think This is why you're fat is by far one of the most disgusting sites I have ever seen. Page after page of food combinations that no one should ever ingest. Deep fried Cadbury eggs, meatloaf cake, Happy Meal pizza.

It's things like this that make me fully supportive of the soda tax. For something a little more inspiring to look at, try This is why you're thin. And by the way, the picture above is a hot beef sunday. Because obviously the submitter can't think of anything better than combining the sweet of ice cream with beef and gravy. Why have desert after the meal when you can have it at the same time?

22 April 2009

Kyouei Design

Glass tank: it is a glass for drinking a lot.
a device consists of a bulb shaped container with the glass below.
when the amount in the glass decreases, a constant amount is poured from the tank into the glass.
never overflowing from the glass because of air pressure and water pressure.

Happy Earth Day!

Try to remember this shouldn't be just one day a year.

I Thought I Was Past This

Coming into work this morning, I received an email from someone in one of the San Jose offices with an attached algebra quiz. It was due today. I am evidently getting homework from my job. I don't remember how to even go about solving most of these questions. If this was actually meant for me, I would have failed my homework.

21 April 2009

Lunchtime Readings

The Supreme Court has turned away a challenge from a death row inmate in Texas who claimed his constitutional rights were violated by jurors who consulted a Bible during deliberations.

Makers of plastic bags to use 40% recycled content by 2015

Both of these stories bother me. Quite a lot. Dude in prison shouldn't have his life voted on based on people's religious views. If they came to the same conclusion using the evidence, fine. But citing the Bible seems very biased, more than what the required realm of ethics/morals already consists of in a trial. Of course, I don't agree with swearing on the Bible either.

Second story bothers me due to the feeling that it is too little, too late. Walgreens and Home Depot need to work on pushing reusable bags more, not helping make the industry take a baby step. Instead of 40% recycled material, why not 100%? And why will it take them 6 years to get this in place?

16 April 2009

Best Part of the Movie

Machines guns can flay your skin off if you are an extra in terrible Japanese movies.

10 April 2009

Deep Ellum Arts Fest 2009

So, in case anyone ever noticed there is absolutely nothing left down there. Block upon block of empty buildings. Sad, I remember it back in its hey-day. Sure, I was underage, but was still fun compared to now. Sad to see Trees sitting empty and the degradation that became Gypsy Tea Room (although at the least, at least the Prophet Bar does still have the occasional band worth seeing come in town, such as VAST).

Thanks, Laura Miller for destroying one of the only good nightlife areas in Dallas. >:(

Upcoming Shows

Trying to figure out how to mash in all the events in the next few weeks. If anyone would like to accompany me to anything, let me know.

4.12 - The Kin, House of Blues
4.17/4.24 - Midsummer Nights Dream, Onstage at Bedford
4.25 - Of Montreal/Man Man, Norman Street Music Festival, Norman, OK
4.27 - Mates of State/Black Kids - Granada
5.4 - George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic, House of Blues

Hil, Feel like a roadtrip?

Charlie the Unicorn 3!!!

Thanks, Nihil!

If they keep making more of this series I'm gonna have to make a Charlie tag.

Litle Late Posting This....

Amazing VW Polo Blue Motion ads by Kirill Chudinskiy. Love how everything about it is Daliesque without completely ripping off his work.

..via Arab Aquarius

07 April 2009

Things I Am Not Used To

Strokes of luck, non-merit based, do not come easy to me. Things I have ever won, I have fought hand and tooth for, even when it seems to fall in my lap. Today was a bit of a surprise, and let me preface by mentioning that for anyone going through a hard time financially, I apologize that my good luck might seem somehow glib. It is not, in any way.

Things I have worked hard for in my life/through merit:
1. All job positions I have attained. - I tend to gravitate to management, but I even fought hard for the jobs I hated, such as day care and waitressing.
2. Maintaining friendships. - I am not easy to want to be around for years on end. I am a forgetful, ignoring, annoying, alpha-female who is as lazy as you can possibly imagine.
3. Random knowledge/skills - I love trivial pursuit. Even drinking can't take this information away from me.
4. Various sundry awards/acknowledgments/promotions - Some in social circles, some in more political, some in debate
5. Convincing people who know me that I have a form of wit, and it is not all sarcasm or elitism - harder than you think, especially as much as someone like me drinks.

Things I have won without any merit:
1. A pack of colored construction paper when I was in Kindergarten.
2. $100 Amazon gift certificate in 2007 thought Blingo.com - Yes, terrible sweepstakes stuff can win!
3. Toshiba 40 inch LCD TV - Today, for $6 through a raffle for a coworkers Little League team.

Either my luck has been saving up for the last 25+ years, or I just blew the next 20. Not sure. Either way, totally random good thing for me! Or, more for Adrian, as he uses the television more for video games, and neither of us watch that much TV. But, on the plus, side, now we can (if we wanted to waste our time). Yay random good luck!

Or, I might sell it on Craigslist...haven't made up my mind.

01 April 2009