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24 October 2011

The Amount of Sugar in your Food

Sugar Stacks shows exactly how much sugar is in your everyday foods. This site has been around for a few years, but still interesting. i also like the inclusion of fruit, so you can see what nature already gives you without the additional sugar you intake.

One Day on Earth

One Day on Earth is a project to capture how humans live in every country on the planet. It is collaborative, anyone can submit footage, creating a giant video archive that encompasses something of each culture. The original date was 10/10/10 and this year on 11/11/11 the group wants to be able to get even more footage, to act as a time capsule of how the world is at this time.

This is a celebration of individual beliefs, expression and perspective.

Cuore by Liviana Osti

Two glass carafes shaping a human heart when joined together. The heart is a reminder for the generally underestimated but essential role health plays in our lives.
In order to prevent cardiovascular and blood pressure diseases we have to start with the root of the problem, our daily consume of food and beverage.
A wine decanter is built together with a water carafe. A half half coloured mix of red and white. Red wine stands for low pressure, water stands for high pressure.
The organic heart shape has been developed into two different, stand-alone objects according to the natural division of ventricles.

Or, if you are like me, one would be full of red wine and the other carafe full of scotch.

Starbucks Reinvesting into the Neighborhood

In under-invested urban communities, systemic issues such as consistent quality education, access to jobs and other opportunities for revitalization are further exacerbated by the financial crisis.

That is why Starbucks is taking an innovative approach in helping address these concerns by sharing the success of our stores in two neighborhoods.

One store in the Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles and one in the Harlem community of New York City will be pilot stores for this new approach. A portion of each store’s profits will be reinvested into the neighborhood through two local non-profits, the L.A. Urban League and the Abyssinian Development Corporation. We are collaborating with these amazing organizations, which are leading holistic and sustainable change in their respective communities by helping to improve economic development, education and access to social services. This marks a new way of doing business and supporting our non-profits by sharing the success of these stores within their immediate neighborhoods.

Fish Misrepresented

Recent studies indicate that between 20 percent and 70 percent or more of snapper, cod, grouper, and wild salmon are mislabeled at restaurants and stores. Oceana, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C., that is campaigning against seafood fraud, also discovered mislabeling this year when it conducted DNA tests of fresh and frozen fish at 15 Boston-area supermarkets. Nearly one in five fillets tested had the wrong species name, according to Oceana. Atlantic cod was the most frequently misrepresented fish.

Those were among the findings of a five-month Globe investigation into the mislabeling of fish. It showed that Massachusetts consumers routinely and unwittingly overpay for less desirable, sometimes undesirable, species - or buy seafood that is simply not what it is advertised to be. In many cases, the fish was caught thousands of miles away and frozen, not hauled in by local fishermen, as the menu claimed. It may be perfectly palatable - just not what the customer ordered. But sometimes mislabeled seafood can cause allergic reactions, violate dietary restrictions, or contain chemicals banned in the United States.

Truly doubting this is any better elsewhere, especially since it's a lot harder to get actually fresh fish in a non-costal area.

Zombie Run POV

Man am I jealous of those that got to participate in the Zombie run in Baltimore. This looks like so much fun. I really like the way they incorporated the flags as whether you make it through dead or alive.

01 October 2011

40 Years of Brian May

The “new” May is generally adept at combining in one seamless thread his past, present and future. “There are still moments when I want to get on with my life,” he concedes, sipping at a glass of water, “but, on the whole, I accept that Queen will always be part of me. It’s like you have built this beautiful house and one day you have to move out of it, but you don’t stop enjoying looking at it now and again. You just don’t want to live in it any more.”

There again is that endearing humility about May. He appears anxious, at all stages, not to talk himself up or claim some innate talent. “I’ve always worked very hard at everything I’ve done,” he emphasises.

His current writing project – on astronomy – is with his great friend, 88 year-old Sir Patrick Moore. Occasionally he does guest appearances on Sir Patrick’s long-running television series The Sky at Night. Another contributor once remarked that far from looking like an archetypal rock star, May was the spitting image of Isaac Newton.

Safwat Saleem's A Bunch of Crock

A Bunch of Crock is a reaction to the current political landscape. It is a kind of gag reflex.
It is an analysis of political messages directed at the general population in an election year.
It is an attempt to share what politicians truly mean when they say something.
It is a collection of political posters and audio/video installations.
It is a bunch of political messages.
It is a bunch of crock.