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31 March 2008


Ten minutes ago the sirens were all sounding warning of the imminent doom from the tornado that was in the area. Now the sun is shining.

But crazy whacked out weather wouldn't be caused by destroying the environment. No, not at all.

30 March 2008

Quote Dump

"Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd."
--Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

"I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then live with that decision."
--Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 - 1962)

"Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation."
--George Washington (1732 - 1799)

29 March 2008

Fairy Tales

Business Owners, Customers Upset Over Controversial Billboard

I do love how up-in-arms religious people get as soon as someone publicly disagrees with them.

28 March 2008

No Problem Using One as a Weapon


I'd be ashamed this is such a small number, but really, I'm short, have shitty balance and T-Rex arms compared to the all the monkey arms around me.

A glimpse of hope and unity

So after a rather horrendous day yesterday spent huddled over my toilet or sleeping 14 hours, I awoke today feeling much refreshed albeit achy from all the bed rest. Rushed to get cleaned up and out of the house by 8 so I could fight the traffic and disgusting brown mist that happens on not quite rainy days here in Dallas. Ever so glad I washed my car by hand two weeks ago, it looks quite lovely and dirty again now.

My regular doctor seems to have made it a point to be booked up in either city council meetings or with other patients for the next few months, so I had my eyes checked by his new protege. I figured it would be safer to go with the person he approves of rather than picking someone out from the phone book, even if going to her means having to drive to Garland. When you have had the same eye doctor you entire life, it is hard to just choose to go elsewhere.

So now I am sitting here, blinking much more than normal and applying drops every few hours to my eyes as I try to adjust to contacts for the first time. I decided that I might as well give them another shot after the last time when I had some sort of funky mild eye infection that made the contacts burn my eyes for hours on end. They kind of itch as I can still feel them, which I know will go away in a few days. I think thought, I am mostly just so impressed with not having to have glasses on my face to see read print five feet away that the itching could last forever and I wouldn't mind.

I expect tomorrow to be even better as she gave me a stronger lens for my left eye as I still couldn't read the tiny print on the back wall after putting this one in. But as I had already put them in and taken them out twice, all while still kinda of numb from the eye drops used for the glaucoma test, she said it was best to just keep the not-quite-clear one in for the day. I also have a shiny new prescription so that I can get another pair of glasses as well since my current pair has a layer of scratches on the right lens that has made seeing a constant pain for over a year.

It is definitely a different experience to see the world this clearly. Itchy, but wonderful. I know contacts can be as much of a hassle as glasses, but really, for the opportunity to not have to wipe the smears away constantly or to push them back up my nose, this is a wonderful feeling, as close as I can ever remember ever seeing the world with my own eyes.

Though, to be completely honest, it's a little weird, like having the mask you think of as a piece of your face suddenly ripped off. Nothing left to hide behind.

25 March 2008

So Very True


Man donates $28 million to 27 different colleges. Generally with the stipulation that "Atlas Shrugged" is made required reading

I love this. Wish I had gone to a school where it was required. Would have already read it, but really might have cut down on the dumbassery of the people around me. And this picture is just great as tongue in cheek.

22 March 2008


Nendo Cabbage Chair

I would totally be okay with having this chair in my home if it were in a different color than white. Something this layered seems like it would just attract grossness and be ugly very soon.

Some People Have Too Much Free Time

Weird little music video thingy. Just try it for a second. The faces are cute even if the whole thing is rather annoying.

17 March 2008

Things I Want #832

Finnish designer Heli Heitala created “Colours” - usable crayons shaped like people.

I would make a drawing using all the heads as an 'Artistic Statement'. Maybe a three dimension piece with the bits of leftover heads attached to the paper. Hell yeah.

Celebrate the Gingers!

Bullshit holiday or no, I think this is the first St. Patrick's Day ever that I have not worn green ever. And I ate Italian food. Hmmm...I'm a bad Irish. Course I hate German food too......and beer............

16 March 2008

Sleepy Thoughts After a Bottle of Wine

So I had multiple things to post tonight. Things of interest of value.

Then my computer froze and required a restart.

I Need an Intel Mac.

I am annoyed at effort expended that would have been ignored as well. I am annoyed at Blogger, and too sleepy to recreate.

Need to go take pictures, seems like something dries up. Come on Ian, we'll have a Pentax day.

14 March 2008


You know, there's just something so very messed up about living in Texas. A week ago we had snow on the ground and today it's sunny and 85 degrees.

12 March 2008

Time for CPS to visit

Welcome to Dallas, where throwing your children off an interstate for being unruly into rush-hour traffic DOES make sense as good parenting. Or...something like that.


And Dave, hope you're feeling better soon. Being chopped up better make everything hurt less in the end.

10 March 2008

Ready for a vacation

Four days off of absolutely no commitments (outside of the one I wanted to have happened and fell through), sitting around the house reading and sleeping, going out and having fun with friends, enjoying the fleeting snow and ice storm by drinking margaritas. Those are all amazingly fantastic things. Superb. Stupendous.

Followed by Monday morning doldrums and work. Back to reality. Life of leisure, where could you be? Why have you forgotten that I really am a great candidate to perfect the art of being lazy?

Going to get out of Texas this year a few times. Definitely ready for some adventure.

06 March 2008

Zune Ad

So this is what Microsoft is up to when it is unable to match up to Apple. We get a really rather disturbing video with a giant cloud that cries until it is tickled correctly, dancing marionettes, etc.

My Mortgage is Too High

So this was the ad I was subjected to when checking my email this morning. I question what the marketing genius who thought this would be a great ad was thinking. The best I can figure is that they are banking on the idea that I want to click the ad just to make the scary woman's face go away. This is what kind of model you get when they allow Sims characters to start using crack. Or the artists that create these kinds of heads. Not sure which.

03 March 2008


ME [6:08 PM]:
good word
CO-WORKER [6:08 PM]:

02 March 2008

Falling Georgie

Falling Georgie

This kept me amused for far too long today at work. Thanks Rebecca!


20 HDR Photos

Dave, I know you collect these, maybe there's something you'll find you like. :)