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27 November 2010


So, I drink espresso. A lot of espresso. Yes, if I were smart or followed all of my own ideals on recycling, then I would be using a reusable cup instead of the throw away ones. However, that's besides the point.

The point is that I felt it was a waste to leave all of the cups. So instead, I decided to do something completely unnecessary, and created a Christmas tree. This really is better than some of my past Christmas trees, which were really just other fake trees that had nothing to do with evergreens either. Instead, this year, I totally can say that I wasted an afternoon poking holes and super-gluing 45 cups together. Personally, I like it.

..Thanks for the inspiration.

Gabriel Dawe Installations

Art by Gabriel Dawe. I absolutely love how the yarn pieces remind me of a lot of the simple things I used to do when I was a kid, but on a much better, much more OCD style. And the pain pieces blow my mind. Having stepped on too many straight pins to count, I can clearly visualize exactly how the pieces would feel. I love it.

Grenada's Underwater Museum Update

So, back in 2007, I had seen an art installation by Jason deCaires Taylor and posted about it, but recently saw an update on how some of the art has fared over the last few years since it was put in place.

26 November 2010

Buy Nothing Day 2010

So, I failed at Buy Nothing Day. Foodstuffs were a requirement, although I managed easily on the normal avoidance of superfluous objects I don't really need. Instead, I opted for: Silk Light plain soy milk, Orowheat Health Nut bread loaf, mild cheddar cheese, Cheerios, Crispix, and one 6 pack of unbuttered, unsalted, unflavorful natural microwave popcorn.

Upon reflection of my shopping list, I really need to get back into snack food and junk stuff. If the worst thing I have on my list is cheese, I really need to rethink my priorities.


Also, the best method to counteract the super-over-abundance-Thanksgiving belly is to totally go run 4 miles. And then follow up the next day with a brisk 3 miler in 55° weather. It really feels amazing. Retail therapy cannot even begin to compare.

21 November 2010

Things I Want #8523

Sure it costs € 7990, but the KudOctopus from Kudoke has got to be one of most amazing watches I've ever seen.

I'll Be Gone by Rimantas Lukavicius

Watch the video by Rimantas Lukavicius. Thank me later.

..via Behance

18 November 2010


My favorite charity with my almost favorite drink

A 64-year-old single malt Scotch whisky in a unique crystal decanter has sold for a record price of almost £300,000 at an auction in New York.

The decanter, crafted by famous French designer Lalique, holds 1.5l of the rare The Macallan whisky.

All the proceeds will be given to the clean-water group charity: water.

On a complete side note, if you need to pick a charity to ever give money to, choose charity: water. They have a great cause and need all the help they can get. Not that I can sway you, but I've given to them for years, and they deserve everything you can give.

So.....When you're busy

You're busy. And I've been busy. And lazy. And distraction and sleepy. Free time has been a mix of running and crafting. So, since I am incredibly lazy, a realllllllly long post of things I have found to post.

Doctor Who named best Sci-Fi show. Hell yes!!

What real T-Rex's look like. Feathers and all! Wait........what?

The Insanity Virus:
The idea has sparked skepticism, but after decades of hunting, Torrey and his colleagues think they have finally found the infectious agent. You might call it an insanity virus. If Torrey is right, the culprit that triggers a lifetime of hallucinations—that tore apart the lives of writer Jack Kerouac, mathematician John Nash, and millions of others—is a virus that all of us carry in our bodies. “Some people laugh about the infection hypothesis,” says Urs Meyer, a neuroimmunologist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. “But the impact that it has on researchers is much, much, much more than it was five years ago. And my prediction would be that it will gain even more impact in the future.”

What if country size was equal to population size?

Last, check out my Amazon wish list for the most awesome pair of scissors ever!