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31 July 2008

I'm Not Even Cool Enough to be Hipster

An artificial appropriation of different styles from different eras, the hipster represents the end of Western civilization – a culture lost in the superficiality of its past and unable to create any new meaning. Not only is it unsustainable, it is suicidal. While previous youth movements have challenged the dysfunction and decadence of their elders, today we have the “hipster” – a youth subculture that mirrors the doomed shallowness of mainstream society.

I love when I have typed out a whole rant and Blogger kills it. Fancy.

So I was ranting about how I agree with a lot this article states due to the nature that indie music brings to a show. However, I disagree about how superficial or unsustainable this subculture is compared to any other subculture that has existed. Look around your office tomorrow and think back to what everyone above the age of 30 was about 5 to 10 years ago or more. Punk? Goth? Hardcore? Hippie? Are those subcultures any more sustainable due to breeding and the influence of Jimi Hendrix or The Clash?

I have already stated before the unfortunate outfits of this group, and the writer brings up the very correct unfortunate dancing. A hipster left alone to dance is like watching an ostrich mate with a spider web. It knows it should flap its wings to fly, but keeps getting sticky webbing on them that makes them flap up in odd directions and then stay suspended until the self-mortification comes to a white dwarf close.

Plus, there is always the 'end times' part of the article that makes this go beyond the fantastic. "The end of Western Civilization" only has been touted for how long now? Sure the axis is slowly turning, but I am pretty sure that being a hipster will bring about neither the end of times for our Amerikan experience, nor be the end-all idea anyone has of what we as an Amerkican culture really are. Until they grow up and unleash "The Animal Collective" and "Arctic Monkeys" on the poor, unsuspecting (hopefully deaf) hordes.

In the meantime, check out Stereogum, The Hype Machine or buy me a subscription of Adbusters for a chance to see me rant about all kinds of things I both agree with and the reason for wanting to burn the magazine to the ground. No, really, BUY ME ADBUSTERS. I have literally, had relationships made and broken on my views of that magazine. And, I get a new tag if I am purchased a new subscription.

And please, discourage leggings, indie beards and terrible white rimmed or slotted sunglasses for all you are worth.

26 July 2008

Thoughts From Margarita Dinner

I drive like a banana!

Or so I was told by a very inebriated wonderful friend. Best analogy ever.

Missed Billigerent. Good times, lightweights. Time to go drink more to make up for you guys.

Weird Side Note

Despite not having the boyish figure....I would have been an awesome flapper. With my hair now pulled back it fits, along with my Gatsybian love for drink and disaster.......Born in the wrong time........

22 July 2008

Drink as Molecules

Molecular Expressions: The Cocktail Collection. The above is called a Kahlua Toreador. Pretty, but not my style. Below, Scotch, the yummy ambrosia of the Nicole's.

I Think It Means Something....

MacBook Touch

Oh good f*ingchrist. (And I am not meaning you, Cabbagehead.)

I wantwantwantwantwant!!! If this comes to fruition......

I need to save money....and keep the G4 as backup for use compared to all of the first generation stripped down features this is sure to have.

21 July 2008

Shoot all Teenagers

This is Our Future

crazy8dude:"Hey ima do my hair like sweeny todd cause its like curly and like his just yeah I think it'll itll be sick"

bmthvslipknot1winner:"yeah do it thats sic to the sic house"

18 July 2008


I was within an few inches of a free haircut from volunteering my hair to locks of love, but was not ready for quite that short.

Over half my hair is gone. A weird feeling when you go from 4 inches to your ass to an inch below your shoulder. I keep trying to pull it over my shoulder as I always do, and there is nothing there. Still cannot decide if this is good or bad. No choice from here, but cannot decide the implications. No dye job as originally thought. maybe added later.

16 July 2008


Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, directed by Joss Whedon, starring Neal Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion!

13 July 2008


....was amazing. There are really no words for the voice Jimmy Gnecco has that truly can describe. I can barely hear anything and the right side of my head hurts extremely from the force of the speaker I stood next to towards the end of the concert. But I saw and heard the whole concert, and am beyond amazed at the result. I never knew you could make a song another 250+ measures long and at the end still deliver. Adrian and I had a discussion on the way home that they should have played "Fallen Souls", but as I pointed out, they are promoting a new album and we should be please with whatever old songs are played.

Now, I know the video cannot equal, but damn. Shitty quality and fro a few years ago, but really. Jeff Buckley had nothing on this guy, and I WILL fight anyone who is in disagreement.

12 July 2008

Time to Move

Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter

Seriously? This is what we get from our 'leader'? This is what the nation voted for the second time and kinda voted for the first? While he's at it, why doesn't he go ahead and get us into war with Iran before he leaves the office? Even with the snowy winters I hate, Canada is looking like a good place to move as it has to be better than this.

11 July 2008


Does anyone have a green version of a bleach pen?? I have a lot of clothing that needs to use one, but I feel bad about the chemical composition of bleach and would prefer an organic/eco-friendly version......

I <3 Jimmy Gnecco!

Good goddamn am I excited to see Ours tomorrow night. Been 3 or 4 years since Precious came out, and I managed to be out of town or working the last 2 times they were here. Not since Queen have I found a voice I love to hear as much as Jimmy's. Love their live shows.

07 July 2008


Comet Between Fireworks and Lightning

I think I would be busy watching the storm more than the fireworks....

06 July 2008

Too Much Sharing

Funk Sunglasses Mans Night
We don't need to know what you did last night.....

So Why Am I So Poor?

If you'd like to build a nest egg with your paycheck, it may be time to give up New York and head for Plano, Texas.

It's not often you think about the suburb you live in as being somewhere that evens ranks in the country for anything. Especially once you've lived here long enough (3 years is more than enough) you start to think this is just the expected. Sure I've always complained about the soccer mom's driving their Lexus SUV's to the hoity toity Walmart (that is no better than the Target directly across the street...go three blocks down to Whole Foods for better shopping) and the eight hundred country clubs across from each other. I technically live in the one block of Dallas that really should be Plano yet I keep thinking I am still in Plano due to the exact same environment and my stupidity to move 5 minutes away from my old place. On one side of my apartment there is a Ferrari dealership, across the street is a Hummer and SAAB, across the tollway from me is a Porsche and an Audi. You get to think of this as pretentious land, not somewhere to save money.

But then, I drive a Scion, never finished out that Bachelors in Humanities and like to drink. No wonder I'm poor. Amazing I can even afford an apartment here. Somehow, though, I still ended up in the corporate whoredom that surrounds this place. Hrm.


1. Sailor Jerry is disgusting. Nothing helps this taste.
2. My balcony sits the best direction ever. Not only did I have the perfect view of Plano's fireworks at Legacy, I could see Frisco's as well. Awesome to see 2 shows at one time. Can only imagine the view outside of Half Shells.
3. Strawberry daquiris are to the awesome.
4. Vantage Point is a great movie. No, really. Was very impressed. Like Timecode, but on thriller status.
5. Taba needs to move to this complex.
6. Something smells really nasty in my fridge. Need to fix that.
7. Two shows this next week or so. Very excited. Ours for the first time for me in about 4 years (Adrian got to see them within the last year) on Saturday and Tilly and the Wall with Hil on Wednesday night.
8. My family needs to slow things down and let go when I do not call them back. Really, I am lazy, please just forgive it. Sure, it might take me a few weeks, but really, better follow-through than I give to my friends for calling.
9. I hate the idea, but damn do I need a massage. My right shoulder is killing me.
10. Sudoku does destroy your brain. You become more analytical and stabby to people who do not understand basic thought.