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24 January 2009

Happy Birthday Apple!

Apple celebrates it's 25th birthday of the Macintosh computer today. Thanks Steve Jobs for all your great ideas and hard work turning the company around. Now, don't die.

23 January 2009

Eyes Roll....

Should your wife have guy-friends? More hard-hitting news from CNN.

If Adrian was this uncomfortable with our relationship he would be screwed. Or I would. Not sure on that. Too many male friends to think on.

No, Really

On a completely side note, Dateline is officially the worst show ever seen. And that is saying a lot having seen an episode of 'Two and a half men' and the entire CNN network.

On a third note, should a local Kia dealership really be using a fake Obama in their ad to get business? And who are the dumb fucks who buy based on this stupidity?


Mugshot to never have, but yet in some ways, so, so awesome.

20 January 2009

Another Good Day

I know it is mostly over, but just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Obama Day.

I liked today that we slowed down our companies entire network today as it was overflowed due to so many people watching the Inaugural Speech over streaming video. This was history in the making, hope everyone takes note.

02 January 2009

By the way..

Happy birthday to the preggo sister. Hope the third decade treats you nicely, especially if you ever read this. :)

A Little Late on the Bandwagon....

Ok, so everyone knows I'm a big Mac nerd. I love the software, the hardware, the commercials, the design. So, thanks to Adrian's employement at AT&T changing over our previous employee rate plan from paying only taxes to paying half a normal bill, we decided to upgrade to getting refurbished original iphones. No 3g for us, we're the type to take that phone some shmuck paid $600 for and we bought for $100. Considering I bought my SLVR a few years back off ebay from China for over $100 and had to unlock it to even work on our bands, I got a good deal. Especially since said SLVR could only take/receive calls and text messages and do absolutely nothing else. And in the call department, it liked to drop or not inform there were voicemails for me to ignore.

So we bought the iphones back in October and were not able to use them until a few days ago thanks to AT&T believing their employees are not worthwhile customers.

But damn. I have not added many apps as I like free things. But even the free apps are impressive. I'm loving having all the time instant access to Wikipedia. I love that when in Barnes and Noble a few days ago, I did not have to wait at the busy information desk, I could just log in to the Hotspot since all Starbucks have converted to AT&T from back in my day when they were tMobile.


To segway the above conversation, I love history books, especially about technological development or when I have the chance to read something that explains how life/places were in the past from a first-hand experience. Last week, Fark had a link about 2 women who went bicycling from Buffalo, NY to New Orleans, LA and back over the summer of 1944. It is incredibly long, but a wonderful account of their adventures. While reading it, I was constantly looking up information on places mentioned in the story to see if they still exist, especially the section on New Orleans, one of my favorite cities to visit. Having been there so many times, it was nice to see reference to some of the places I have see4n or been to, and to read about how they were over 60 years ago, knowing how they have changed. In the story, the writer speaks of a book about the French Quarter, which I identified as written by Herbert Asbury back in 1936, 8 years prior. I picked this book up in Barnes and Noble (thanks Greg for the gift certificate!), and have been racing through it tonight. Barely into 1800 and already incredibly hooked. Cannot wait until he starts in on times that lead to the modern age.

And to attach section 1 to section 2 here, I have been picking up my new shiny toy every few minutes to look up something different. Because, unsurprisingly, wordage and phrases from 1936 are no longer applicable, and much to my chagrin, not everything has a Wikipedia page.