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12 November 2012

Android Jones

Couldn't have imagined it better. I really love Romney giving the finger, as well as some of my favorite companies in the front row. Thanks, Android Jones. Now go check out all of the other fantastic work.

Eddie Izzard is a Running God

Running into London's Trafalgar Square on Tuesday, Eddie Izzard took the last of 1.6m steps, from the 43 marathons he has completed in 51 days.

He has run at least 27 miles a day, six days a week, over the past seven weeks, covering more than 1,110 miles of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Dude, seriously, this makes me feel like the wimpiest wimp of all wimps. After a while of not running, I'm getting back into it and I whine about my feel hurting after a few miles. I can't even begin to imagine running one marathon, let alone 43 in less than 2 months.

The One World Futbol Promise

Tim Jahnigen has always followed his heart, whether as a carpenter, a chef, a lyricist or now as an entrepreneur. So in 2006, when he saw a documentary about children in Darfur who found solace playing soccer with balls made out of garbage and string, he was inspired to do something about it.

The children, he learned, used trash because the balls donated by relief agencies and sporting goods companies quickly ripped or deflated on the rocky dirt that doubled as soccer fields. Kicking a ball around provided such joy in otherwise stressful and trying conditions that the children would play with practically anything that approximated a ball.

During the next two years, Mr. Jahnigen, who was also working to develop an infrared medical technology, searched for something that could be made into a ball but never wear out, go flat or need a pump.

Mr. Jahnigen has developed a fifth generation of the ball, which is rounder than earlier versions. He carries samples around the world to conferences, potential buyers and sponsors. For effect, he crushes them and even drives cars over them. All of them bounce and hold their shape. By his estimate, the ball can last for 30 years, eliminating the need for thousands of hand-sewn leather balls that are typically donated by relief agencies.

Also, Sting payed for the development. Definitely a way to get better publicity than just doing good deeds or creating an awesome product that can be a game (pun intended) changer.

Buffy Limericks!

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans behind Waffle Meringue Productions are on a mission to encapsulate each episode of Joss Whedon's supernatural dramedy in a single limerick.

Ja', this one is for you. Enjoy.

09 November 2012

Best Inventions of the Year 2012

Personally, I don't think they should have added the Curiosity rover to this list. Yeah, it proved to be a fantastic tool, but I'd think it should have been on the list last year upon it's debut before launch. Otherwise, it seems to be a pretty decent list of accomplishments.

08 November 2012

Things I Want #090091.2

This chair by Fiona Roberts might be the chair of my dreams. The only drawback is that I've never been such a fan of the wingback-ish style, and the brown leather isn't doing it for me. Make it slightly more modern, and I would display this as the centerpiece of my home forever.

Challenge Detroit

They'll live in Detroit. They'll work in Detroit. They'll play in Detroit. They'll give in Detroit.

Can 30 creative thinkers make a difference to a city in need? A Detroit economic and entrepreneurial development organization called The Collaborative Group is betting on it.

Devastated by the collapse of the auto industry that fueled the region's growth, Detroit has fallen into dire straits. The city, which has a poverty rate of 37.6 percent, is the poorest major city in America. Residents are moving out in droves: Detroit's population has shrunk by a quarter in the past decade.

Led by the vision of The Collaborative Group board member Doyle Mosher, the group's Challenge Detroit initiative is focused on building a young, educated workforce in the region, starting with just 30 people.

Sculpture of Choi Xoang

These painted polymer clay figures by Seoul-based artist Choi Xooang are nothing short of remarkable. Xooang is attempting to draw attention to human rights abuses in Korea, and seeing these somewhat macabre, stunted figures unable to see or speak, it’s hard to dispute that.

06 November 2012

Election Night

And for all my complaining, there are a few times being a liberal in Texas really feels good. Or smug. It could easily be smug.

Nonetheless, hell yeah. Thanks, country, thanks for not being everything I always feared you were. I might have screamed out in happiness, or thrown my hands in the air, or done an elaborate jazz hands routine. Or none of all of the above. Prove it.

It is a good night. :)