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27 April 2008

Weeeeeeee. Stolen

MikeyT said...
I would snap your arms like dry kindling and feed them to you while still aflame if you considered doing that to an animal.
8:08 PM

Steve said...
I would defend myself by throwing the puppy in question at you.
2:35 PM

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The picture alone made me smile. The comments made me laugh. Loudly. For quite a while. Best response ever. Thank you for that moment of happiness Steve, just actually wish I didn't see this until tomorrow since it'll be Monday.

Sorry I Missed Your Calls Friday

Residents in Seattle's affluent Magnolia neighborhood are fuming over plans to house homeless people there. Bonus: the closest grocery sells pheasant-and-rosemary pâté for $9.99 and ground coffee for up to $18 a pound

Now, I know this won't be interesting for almost anyone, so this is strictly for my sister. I remember walking through this neighborhood on my way to Discovery Park and it is a very nice neighborhood, one that I could see wanting to live in due to the views of the sound. This your company again?

25 April 2008

The Pretties

Art by Shane Pennington. Stumbled upon this when looking through the sites that my friend Ian designed. Would kill to have that polyptych on my wall. Or, more aptly, as my wall.

24 April 2008

Just Thought I'd Share

i have big plans. goals in my head. and for the first time in a while, it is something so entirely my own, i almost don't know what to do, and am scared if i say anything solid, the feeling of being a force will dissipate. this is what the beginning of an obsession that is not self-destructive feels like. and man, it feels good.

Buildings are Pretty

New York Photographer Sabine Wild

19 April 2008

Thoughts About a Drunken Housewarming...

i spent my night at a friends place. i played nursemaid oi a drunk sonofabitch who quickly went from a nice guy to a bastard showing his colors. i walked around an apt. complex drunk, a bit scared, and very desperate with one of the best friends i have ever had. i handed off my camera and let others document the night both out of laziness as well as choice of perspective. i spent time in a room by myself.

It was a good night, a good party. Lack of entertainment/furniture made everyone start speaking with one another and just interact as everyone is want to do.

I wish there wasn't the bad spot about it, even in my fuzzy memory. I was trying to be a good person, as close as I ever get to motherly, water and all. and I might deal with a lot of reasons why someone might think I cannot understand the concept of something, however, being born with a vagina amazingly is not enough of a reason for me.

That kid seems a good person, who unfortunately I shall never see eye to eye on. Sometimes that is how it just turns out. Freemasonry and I just do not get along. despite the reasons laid forth last night, it actually has more to do with the all-encomassing belief in a single ideal than ever to do with what I would not be able to comprehend as a woman.

So, Hil, thanks for a good party., I'm very quite glad you are now only a few moments away, I plan on taking advantage of that. I am not a very good friend, as you know, but perhaps being close will help with the being lazy.

And to the other, you took care of me wandering about in the middle of the night. Thank you for backing me up. I really do believe there is anyone as honest as you, yet still amazingly easy to tell things to. I remember the reason you and became friends again was b/c I believed you once and held that belief without question. If there was ever a time where I needed a friend, it was last night, and amazingly, you paid back everything in full to me, by just being my friend. If there was anything to pay back to begin with, then it has been fulfilled, snd I owe back. Now let us go on from there....

16 April 2008

Benji Whalen

Art by Benji Whalen
The ones of all the people all together is pretty interesting.

14 April 2008


On a completely side note...I am really tired of the fact that a simple platform bed costs more than almost any other type I could want. I would like to someday get a proper bed and then put this under it due to my obsession with lights.

So explain why it costs more for a bed frame that sits 6 inches off the floor than one that is 2 feet high?

Beer budget here people....and most of that has to be spent on whiskey and scotch.....


Zipper Light
IK could totally see myself owning this. As well as changing out the color of the bulb to red so it would look more like dripping blood......

Linn Olofsdotter

Gorgeous artwork by Linn Olofsdotter. the thing I like the best is that her artwork is not the same exact theme from piece to piece like so many. She has a great adaptability from one style to the next, yet staying within a similar genre.

13 April 2008

Drunken Archery

Quiver of Wine

I'd rather make my own than purchase one, but I do like the idea.

Choose Not To Choose

Apathy Party

The preferred party for voters who seriously cannot care less. And who says there is no valid 3rd party to vote for this year?

It's like this party was made for me. I'm really lazy enough for this to be right.


Really large beautiful picture that Blogger won't cooperate and upload correctly, so go see it at the link instead.

Let Them Cuts Themselves

Anti-Emo Riots in Mexico
Now, I'm not sure which I like more in this story. The idea that the actual tag for this photo says emo kids, or that in a 'respectable' news story someone quoted "it's a great clusterfuck for the American mind's idea of Mexico".

Because, really, whoever would have thought that Mexico would be like all other countries and have subcultures, no matter how lame? This is what comes from NAFTA. Ford auto parts and bad music.

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07 April 2008

James Jean

Sketchwork by James Jean

All my life I always wanted to be able to carry around a little notebook and fill it up with writings and sketches. And if my body possessed any modicum of talent, in my dreams it always looked like this. The details this guy is able to give just from what he draws of people on an airplane or a bus is beyond normal human talent.

Ray Casear

Coming Undone, Digital art by Ray Caesar

Created entirely on the computer, he creates 3d models using software that works like a digital Play-Dough, then wraps the colors around the models like painting a globe. And the best I can typically pull off is a smiley face in the basic paint programs.

05 April 2008

Happy times are Here Again

So, I've always been a fan of Rooster Teeth's Red vs Blue videos. And, like most fans, was sad when the story came to an end and nother new was created. You would think that with the different versions of Halo that have come out, that when the subtitle of the series is "The Bloodgulch Chronicles" that it is implied somewhere that there will be another series coming out sometime in the future.

Well, it has finally happened. Or, more aptly, been announced. "Red vs Blue: Reconstruction" has a trailer available to watch previewing the coming new saga. This is a very, very happy event in the life of a total nerd such as myself.

Click the link to watch the new trailer, or watch a clip 'Zombie Plans' from the first series.

04 April 2008

Things I Want #328

Mazda Taiki Concept
"Mazda Motor Corporation will showcase the European specification of the all-new Mazda6 (known as the all-new Mazda Atenza in Japan) and Mazda Taiki, the fourth concept car in the Nagare design series, at the 2008 Beijing International Motor Show* from Sunday, April 20, through Monday, April 28, 2008."

It's pretty. I want one. My birthday is coming up in a few months.....

Growth of Cubic Bacteria and Others

Projekt0 Pictures of the winning entry in the NVIDIA NVArt: Amazing Creations competition.

03 April 2008

Wednesday night thoughts

You know, it was funny when I was in 6th grade, and it is still funny now. Baby got back really is one of the greatest songs ever. EVER!!

On a side note.....I am invoking the little known 'karaoke' label.