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30 June 2007

Music makes it hard to sleep on a bench

So what is it with Seattle, homeless people and the news lately, Ja'? They are taking over the media, being in every story...

Kudos Media

MSNBC: Welcome to the past

MSNBC just relased an article hailing the Montana Meth Project. Unfortunately, no mention whatsoever was made the the creator, Darren Arokonfsky. Just saying instead how hard hitting they are instead.

MSNBC, I just want to welcome you to May 2007. They came out months ago. Hell, I even posted about these before, and I'm normally a little behind the times.

28 June 2007

I think we're getting all their rain right now

A new report says as many as 50 million people could be displaced over the next decade by encroaching deserts, especially in parts of Africa and Asia.

...But why would anyone care? The people displaced would be not white Americans or Western Europeans. So why would they matter?

Always wanted my own dorky home accessories

Mac dock icons as pillows. With addition of scary afro-man. Yes, you too can have your own Apple pimp to cuddle with. Or, in his own words: "Jump on the bed for the true "dock effect" "

..via Growabrain

Wooden Robot Toys!

"Takeji Nakagawa is a master woodcraft toy maker with a passion and dedication to his works. His small company and workshop called Take-G toys uses a process called Yosegi-Mokuzougan, or joined wooden block construction, where combinations of different kinds of woods, with different colors and textures, are combined to express artistic patterns."

..via Japan Sugoi

27 June 2007

Health Industry vs Gadgetry

Michael Moore is a dumbass. Granted, I enjoy his docudramas. I remember seeing Roger and Me years ago, long before Bowling for Columbine and his subsequent fame came about. The man can make you do a double take on a subject you had already decided on or didn't care to think about. But to say that AT&T and Apple are trying to make your new movie fail because the release date of the iPhone coincides with opening day of Sicko? Ridiculous.

Because as we all know, correlation and causation are the same. And coming up with excuses why no one goes to see your movie before it even comes out is both manly and self confident.


A small number of people in other high-risk groups, including some homosexuals and spouses of infected hemophiliacs, have shown resistance to infection. But the Nairobi prostitutes, so frequently exposed to the virus for so many years, provide the strongest evidence yet that people can have a natural immunity to AIDS. If the cause of that protection can be identified, it could spur efforts to develop a vaccine.

..welcome to the world....

24 June 2007

Sunday booze withdrawal



I will never have a weekend like that. I can only hope if I have a weekend devoted to me, I better be the sacrificial offering to a volcano/sea serpent/god.

No, You are not a god. No matter what you think.


Matt, you snore a lot.


Jeebus, never a weekend for me. I would go batshiit insane.

23 June 2007

World Naked Bike Ride Day

Cyclists ride naked during The World Naked Bike Ride protest in Mexico City, Saturday, June 9, 2007. Cyclists demonstrated to promote the use of bicycles and to highlight the damage caused by car dependency in the capital. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)"

I like that everyone now uses Queen's example as a form of protest.

And I can buy it two days after it's released!

Sooooo looking forward to this film. I love Hal Hartley's style more than any other director out there. Been following him for years. And finally, he is picking up the story of Henry Fool again and continuing the original story as what happens years after Henry first ran, with the focus on Fay's point of view this time. (About time for a good redeeming for her since she was such a terrible human being in the first film).

Click here for the trailer.

The life I could show off to my coworkers that they don't need to know...

Put this on the list of things I would adore to have. I have a digital frame on my Amazon wishlist, but this one by Toshiba is oh so pretty. Prettier. My birthday IS coming up soon, so feel free to add this on the list of things you can buy me. :)

22 June 2007

Jesus Car

I want to meet the person who owns this car. Click for more pictures.

21 June 2007

19 June 2007


Um, Ja', you work in Seattle. And you work with homeless people. Is this what you do?

You can quit lying about your job now. I've found you out.

I wish I were cool enough for dreads

Please, listen to girl who thinks too much of herself pretend to be the deepest, most profound, ironic chick who ever dyed her hair and had half a brain to pay attention to the world around her.

I dare you.


Yeah, mostly b/c I was dumb enough to press play. Shut it.

16 June 2007

You both know who you are

I am selfish. Thanks for not moving to Boston.


Alternatively, no matter the happiness found, I wish you hadn't moved to Seattle.

On a side note, I was just compared to a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This is not the first time. :/

I've been this much too long...

Have you ever caught your own reflection in a mirror and wondered who the person you saw was? Nothing has changed, you see and scrutinize the same features every day, no traumatic changes in your life. And yet, somehow, when you look at the face you wear, you realize that everyone else's face in the world seems more familiar. Loved ones, friends, someone you have not seen since college or even elementary school seems more correct than the face you see each and every day. You can recognize yourself in photos, but your own image has turned into a word you have read so often and looked at so long you cannot even tell if it is even in the language you speak or a word any longer.

I experience this often, with no difference between whether I am cleaned up or fresh from the shower. Clothing, makeup, demeanor makes no change. Sometimes, even when I am completely in my head, I wonder if I am even me, and if this face I wear is trully my face, or something magically the mirror shows to distract me from the true image I give to the world.

13 June 2007

Not your average baby blanket

I think I have found a new hobby to undertake. Patricia Waller specializes in crochet art, but with a new twist. Quite talented, and I wouldn't ming having the unicorn on my desk.

Evil Empire

"This is critical evidence supporting our claim that AT&T is cooperating with the NSA in the illegal dragnet surveillance of millions of ordinary Americans," said EFF Legal Director Cindy Cohn. "This surveillance is under debate in Congress and across the nation, as well as in the courts. The public has a right to see these important documents, the declarations from our witnesses, and our legal arguments, and we are very pleased to release them."

There's reasons why their logo looks like the death star....but as long as I keep getting my free cell service, I'm okay with having them take my information. It's not like it isn't already publically available everywhere else or anything.......

Time to Move, Pt. II

I like to think that I am contributing enough to push for the top 30 next year. :)

12 June 2007

WWFTD: Epicaricacy


taking pleasure in others' misfortune: schadenfreude

this word, as defined in Mrs. Byrne's Dictionary of
Unusual... Words, has caused a lot of discussion
recently on a couple of forums that discuss these
sorts of things. where in the world did she find
this English word for a concept that isn't supposed
to have a word in English (schadenfreude being German
in origin)? this question has yet to be answered in
full, but I can quote you this from Nathan Bailey's
An Universal Etymological English Dictionary, which
is a very olde dictionary indeed (1721):

Epicharikaky - from the Greek words or roots for
"upon", "joy", and "evil": "A Joy at the Misfortunes
of others".

..via WWFTD

09 June 2007

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm

Consumer Repors car crash videos

Interesting to see your car with the dummy almost flying out. Unfortunately they did not have my Scion model, but at least the ugly box version has good front crash ratings (but poor side). Adrian's car didn't exist on the list, a Versa has good for front and back, and Rebecca, you need a new vehicle. Go see destruction!

Man Crushes

It may be 72 degrees in the Sunset District without a cloud in the sky as you read this, but make no mistake: It's definitely raining men.

07 June 2007

Irony is my middle name means Angelic

Morons vs Grammar Nazi

From an email today: "We are loosing business".

Seriously, this has to be one form of kryptonite for me. It makes me want to jab my pen into my temple and perform a self-lobotomy. Or manhandle a dictionary down the throat of every fool who misuses this word. Click the picture to see how I am not alone.

Also reminds me of the other old comic.

05 June 2007

Never Again....

...Do I want to hear someone call me damaged.

Parts I liked:
Translation for Japanese product better than German short
Reddish girl fell way down deep into the snow and then discovered Grandmother's house is fired!
CHIMZTS pig cut in half and happy boy next to him
Child on the conveyor belt of doom
CHIMZYS apparently made from all the animals on the ark
Box of Japanese food appearing over the dead bodies like the wolves gained a level in a video game
Muppet Hyenas

..and they bathed in their blood and ate much meat.

Now Amanda and Jewsh can practice again!

Hey, Jews! Isn't it hard remembering all the different blessings there are to say before eating different things? Don't you wish there was some shortcut through them to get to the food when you're hungry? Boy, your mother should be ashamed of you. But I'm not your mother, so here's something to help.

The Say-a-Blessing keychain can get through those pesky blessings for you with the push of a button for whatever type of food you're about to eat (except pork and shellfish for some odd reason), allowing you to cut to the chase without pissing off the big man upstairs. Everybody wins? Oy vey.

The ridiculousness never stops it seems, as long as a buck can be made.

..via Gizmodo


Pacifism kicks ass/Devo was right/America eats its young/Show me the way/The product is you/Angry, young and poor/Your whole system sucks/Traitor/Twentynothings/McDonald's isn't food/Unleash infinity/Gimme gimme food stamps/Adults are dumb/My world is cold and without hope/Reboot America/Pigs vs People/Embrace violence/Capitalism kills me/I know I'm right

04 June 2007

I Like Gadgets

"Are you typing as fast as you can? Type faster! The faster you type, the brighter the USB Think Light will get. It has an LED inside, so it won't sap too much energy out of your USB port, and you can turn it off when you get sick of feeling like a hamster on a treadmill. This mindless challenge will cost you $15."

Feel free to buy me one. I type crazy fast sometimes and I want to see if it can make it asplode to death. Or to see just how lazy I type when it decides not to light up at all.

03 June 2007

Toys make the gray day better

I swear Japan has all the coolest toys and accessories. Gizmodo is featuring Drunken Salarymen Cellphone Charms. The two shown here, crying and stripping are my favorites, but I know that Dave prefers the toilet charm. No matter the choice, all of these are incredibly awesome. I'm not so sure I would hang it from my cell phone since I tend to break things, but I want these to hang all about my cube, no matter the impression I would portray.
Also, this site is just awesome. They even have Dragon Quest slimes!!!

Thanks Dave for this amazing find!

I'm bloody sick of rain

Gentlemen, contain yourself. I understand it is a daunting task, with such fine specimens about. Above are four of the finest gay men in Dallas, all looking for love or fun. Don't all rush them at once.

In truth, I amazed at some of the websites I find myself looking at whenever Michael is over. From now on, let us keep our conversation confined to how Taba is no longer hot to you. :)