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29 November 2008

Wire Jewelry

Interesting jewelry by Ines Schwotzer. Dunno where I would wear this but still want it anyway.

26 November 2008


So my sister is in Thailand on vacation right now, supposed to leave Friday (tomorrow, they are 16 hours ahead). Here's hoping she gets out and the protesters go home since the Prime Minister was diverted to another airport.

20 November 2008

To Look Forward

Ok, I admit, this is probably the dorkiest, stupidest thing I have ever looked forward to. There has never been a video game that has ever yet been translated into a worthwhile movie (only exception being Final Fantasy VII:Final Advent, but that was animated), case in point every Mortal Kombat movie as the casting director felt the need to add Christopher Lambert.

In college I had a group of friends that were obsessed with the game. Not just sit around and play occasionally, but instead practiced for tournaments. I remember many a fond night of getting my ass kicked over at Greg's old place where a bottle of vodka was kept in the freezer for me for fight nights. That 'dumb rabbit' always won, not of course due to my unexceptional skills, but of course to cheating. Friends had their own joysticks and won serious money. In college I did not call it the Playstation, it was the 'Tekken machine' and good goddamn, I kicked so much ass against the guys I lived in dorms with, it was amazing.

A little sad they will not be incorporating the entire story. Story you say? Not just a fighting game held together with minimal plot? Mmhmm, there really is a very encompassing story in the series. Years and years of plot, and they are only choosing the final game. And Steve Fox being the number one person on IMDB for this movie? Really? He was barely an addition.

My bitches: Marshall Law is too built. For a guy based on his family based on Bruce Lee, wayyyy to built. Kazuya? He is supposed to be the son of Heihachi and the father of Jin. So why does he look like at most 10 years older than Jin? Probably because Hollywood sucks.

So yes, I am a nerd. Much like when I looked forward to 300, I know I am a little dumb when it comes to moves choices. I am a comic book geek with video game nerdiness combined with some sci-fi/fantasy. I want, more than anything, to have a good story. I was never the kind of person who could make the story a reality, so I want stories to distract me for a while.

This had better be worth it.

15 November 2008


"Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke." - Hermann Hesse

08 November 2008

There are days I know I've been right

Eco Elise by Lotus.

One of my favorite cars in the world, with a new wonderful Nicole-style upgrade.

07 November 2008

Recent Sun Pictures

Best pics of the sun. Pretty! Ok, maybe I just like giant firey things.


There is nothing better than Flight of the Conchords. Nothing. I cannot wait for season 2, b/c all I have done since seeing this show is listen to all the songs over and over. "And If you rap like me you don't get paid".

Really, the live stuff is a thousand times better. They come to town, I'm standing right up front.

Nom nom nom nom

Stupidly cute design by Dominik Langhammer. I could see this in a lot of people's places but I cannot understand the idea of ever purchasing something like this rather than just making it yourself.

Squish squish

Squishy shot glasses
I love these. Really, feel free to buy them for me. They are awesome, just like all food products made of this same stuff. Might be an issue drinking the shot due to my playing with the glass, but that's why I need at least 2.


Teddy Killers!

Cabbage Patch Kids

Political Cabbage Patch Kids

No idea what is going on here or where these are, but cute as can be. Way to mix my childhood with currently day.

04 November 2008


It's a fucking massacre. Finally people get one thing right. Very damn good night. Time for much celebration. And yes, when I found out, I kinda screamed.

I Know I'm Getting Old....

When I'm perfectly content to watch the election results. Listening to NPR and hearing that Penn. went to Obama I smiled. When Ohio just fell, we cheered. With the addition of California, Oregon and Washington that are already traditionally blue, it makes Obama the President. If Florida falls, as I would really, really like to see, it is another 25 Electoral votes, making a crushing victory. It would make living in Texas almost okay as even though my vote counts for nothing here, at least everyone else has the same feeling.

I do also love that the newscaster just said that he cannot divulge the location of the ice map for Electoral votes but he can see that he left the lights on in his office.

So far, it is a good night. It's about time for a good night.