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29 May 2009

In Case of any Questions:

How to Recycle Anything

Now there are the answers. No more excuses.


Gorgeous design idea of making a dress out of magazines and junk mail by Julie Schworm

I'm going to have to try something like this some day. And then find the perfect place to wear it. This definitely seems the type of dress to wear to a grand ball, perhaps a wedding if the plan is to out-dress the bride.

Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem!

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

"This may be the most wacky by-product of the busy Jane Austen fan-fiction industry—at least among the spin-offs and pastiches that have made it into print. In what’s described as an “expanded edition” of Pride and Prejudice, 85 percent of the original text has been preserved but fused with “ultraviolent zombie mayhem.”"

By far the coolest thing I will see today.

28 May 2009

WWFTD: Otiant


[fr. L. otiari, to be at leisure] /OH she unt/
now rare idle; resting; unemployed (cf. otium)

"His existence would be otiant and superfluous."
- North American Review, Apr. 1845

"They who.. relegate the Supreme to the otiant ease
of Epicurus, cut the nerves of moral obligation."
- North American Review, May 1878

Fitting, knowing all the layoffs we are experiencing at work lately.

via.. WWFTD

26 May 2009

Bullets as a School Necessity

Every summer, just before kids go back to school, millions of Texas families take advantage of a three-day sales tax holiday to buy clothes and shoes for the youngsters.

State Sen. Jeff Wentworth wants to do the same for hunters who need handguns, rifles, shotguns and ammunition for their annual hunting trip. The San Antonio Republican has introduced a bill that, if the Legislature approves and Gov. Rick Perry signs into law, would exempt the sale of those items from the state sales tax if purchased the last weekend of August.

I thought the point of tax-free weekend was for school costs, not for hunting hobbyists. Everything else considered fun or a vice is taxed heavily, why shouldn't bullets? And somehow I am truly doubting the idea that tax-free bullets will generate more interest in hunting. I get that this is Texas and guns are a huge part of the culture, but most people expressing and interest in hunting that cannot afford the equipment are not hung up on the cost of the bullets, but the cost of the guns, licenses, etc.

Back to Normal in less than 8 hours...

Galactic Center of Milky Way Rises over Texas Star Party from William Castleman on Vimeo.

25 May 2009

Nightmarish Robots

Robots from Hell brought to you by Gizmodo. I get the purpose of why most of the robots look the way they do, but did they have to make the Cabbage Patch Kid into the most frightening thing ever? Glowing eyes and that horrific screeching sound?

By the way, if technology keeps advancing like this, I expect my robot body sometime soon. But please, not like any of these.

22 May 2009


The Girlfriend Experience looks like a horrifically dull movie, but I do love that Shakerleg gets on screen time. Loved this guy for a few years now, think everyone should check out his stickless drumming style.

A Terrible Cycle

Need coffee to be productive today. Need productivity to get myself to the coffee.

19 May 2009

Is it bad....

..that I want this? I no longer have a record player (unless someone generous wants to buy me this from my wishlist), but if nothing would want to frame it and put it on my wall. If the cover weren't so awesome, I'd be content to just download the songs.

17 May 2009


Scala: Paper Plane

I have been listening to this group non-stop for the past few days. Scala is a Belgian choir of about 60 teenage girls directed by the Kolacny brothers. Paper Planes is the new album that is all original music, the previous albums have been covers.

Free download of the album on their site.

14 May 2009



How would you react to someone who tried to sell you a car that runs on fresh air?

Might not work too well in Los Angeles if it requires "fresh" air, but this sounds like an amazing use of technology. And seeing as how I have no qualms driving around in a ridiculous looking vehicle, this seems like it was made for me. Or, at least will do until they come up with a viable eco-friendly, Nicole-price-friendly Lotus Elise.

07 May 2009

Texas is only 6000 Years Old

During the Texas State Board of Education hearings on science standards for Texas schoolchildren, BoE member and staunch creationist Barbara Cargill decided that the age of the Universe was up for vote. Oddly enough, I had some issue with that. You may vote on issues all you want, and you can even vote on morality if you’d like, but scientific reality is not a matter of opinion and cares not for the majority vote.

I hate Texas. I really, really hate this place.

..via Discover Magazine's Bad Astronomy

Take a look at the tag on the top of the left bottle

So it turns out, 1968 was a good year for cheap whisky. Or at least, 1968 was a good year to buy cheap whisky and then not drink all of it. Friends brought over some old bottle found at a relative's house that have been sitting upright for the past 40 years. Ended up making the Canadian Club have an absolutely fantastic smokey flavor without a harsh bite. Yummy. The sour-mash Jack was sweeter but more full than the current variety, and the bottle on the right was once a white wine but over the past 45 years turned brown and from what I was told, was very sweet, caramelized, and packed a hell of a punch. There was also a bottle of Bacardi 151, which from the reactions I saw, had turned into Bacardi 191 or Bacardi 290,000, depending on who you asked.

This makes me want to scour estate sales for old, yummy booze.

06 May 2009


For the past week every site I visit that has ads running along the side has been about how to cure my yellow teeth, without the magic of Photoshop. The prior two weeks before, it was nothing but weight loss ads. Before that, it was IQ tests trying to compare me to bubble-headed celebrities. I have not been visiting sites that would start directing these towards me, as far as I know.

It seems the internet thinks I'm fat, stupid, and need whiter teeth. That or I am spending way too much time online and the internet can't differentiate that I am not playing WoW in my parent's basement. Thanks, internet!

Day's Like Today

03 May 2009

Coolest Clothing Ever

I really am not a fan of wearing dresses, but mostly it is due to everything always seeming to look like the same as what everyone else is wearing. Enter Berber Soepboer & Michiel Schuurman, creators of what is already a decently interesting dress when out of the original packaging thanks to the stark black and white varied design. But with the addition or the color that can be added with the included fabric markers, the dress truly becomes a one of a kind as you decide which patterns should be highlighted and in which color. If I had an available €238 and wanted to feel like a girl, this would be the way. Great way to think outside the box when designing fashion.

Also, check out the replacement dresses as well, where the different sections are interchangeable with snaps and different patterns.

The Humans would be dead

I have no idea

I couldn't read the captions as I am a stupid American, but I liked the photo.

01 May 2009

Celebration of Colors

Photography by Ponas Chaudhary

Someday, I would love to go to this festival. Desperately.

..via Notcot