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31 March 2009

Lasting thoughts

The golden sunshine of Italy congealed into tears. Here's to alcoholic brotherhood...much more suited to the frail human, if any, than any other sort. - Robert A. Heinlein

19 March 2009

That feeling

Ever have a completely random reaction to something completely inane? The future repeats the past.

17 March 2009

Music as Sound...Differently

Joshua Distler


So I am big fan of wrapping presents. I like to experiment with texture, folding, adding things that shouldn't normally belong. etc. I am a dork with a couple of bags worth of paper in the closet at all times. The Container Store is a special place to me at Christmas with their gift wrap wonderland.

Shut up. Stop snickering.

But no matter how much I like wrapping paper, even I cannot justify $16.50 for one sheet of awesomeness. Especially $16.50 for pixellation, something my lazy ass could make myself.

But isn't it pretty?

15 March 2009

Bishop Arts District

Art by Chase Yarbrough, seen at The Artisan's Collective in the Bishop Arts District. Or as it should be called, the Bishop Arts block and a half.

But, for anyone who hasn't ever been there, need to stop by the Soda Gallery. Great for buying comics and just about any kind of soda ever sold in a glass bottle. Haven't had a Jolt for years, tasted just as awful as it always did, but got me jittery as it's purpose requires.

One of These Are Not Like the Other

Magazines seen recently at a Borders, almost side by side. See anything different about the pictures? Like the massive photoshopping of Nick Cave on Mojo magazine? Perhaps taking an almost identical picture, reversing it, adding hair and eliminating wrinkles isn't the best way to sell a magazine in the same month as another company runs a cover story for the same musician.

12 March 2009

What to do in an EMERGENCY!

As If You Didn't Already Know

Nihil, you are a god amongst men. Received your package, a mere thanks cannot settle accounts for the trouble you have saved me.

I'll attempt to follow what you asked as payment as best as my laziness will allow. Might even make the occasional appearance on the old platform as requested.



Happy Birthday Edward Albee!

"Sometimes you have to go a long distance out of your way to come back a short distance, correctly."
-The Zoo Story

Favorite playwright, even takes first ranking over Stoppard. Seeing The Zoo Story in college live after having reads it years before was one of the best theatrical experiences ever, and all it took was 2 men, a bench, a book and a trash can. As Albee always taught, minimalism leaves a mind open to interpretation.

11 March 2009


Hidden things smell sweeter than expected....with a slightly more bitter aftertaste. In good ways.

Although I could say, it would be nice if smokier. Personal preference.

08 March 2009

Entrances to Hell

The things Stumbleupon sends my way.


So I guess I am a little behind the times since this came out a while ago. Still, I am not quite sure how this is supposed to sell the product, unless by sell we mean scare kids. Which, truthfully, I am quote alright with that idea.

07 March 2009

Letter to General Motors

Letter from president of Knox Machinery criticizes president of General Motors for seeking a government bailout.

Great response, starting from the first paragraph on. Snopes, however, says none of it may be used without permission, so I am unable to quote any of it here.

03 March 2009

My sister made these!

So I present the Rufusi, Libby (top) an Hannah. Born an hour and a half apart, Hannah had breathing problems so she was turned onto her stomach for a while as they worked on her. Still squishy little things, but seeing my brother in laws face was worth the 12 hours at the hospital.

02 March 2009

I don't know nothin' about no birthin' no babies!

So I rushed to leave work today at about noon as I was told that my sister would be delivering her twin girls within an hour. It has now been another 5 hours and there is still no news. The Rufusi (as they will henceforth be known) really need to hurry up and be born, as hospitals are incredibly boring places, and of course this is all about me. You drink more water to forget the boredom and to create and excuse to move around, even if it is only to visit the restroom. Of course this creates a circle of drinking more to replinish your fluids, which leads to more trips to the restroom. An expensive circle as a bottle of water. Costs $1.25 a bottle and the hospital obviously does not agree with water fountains as I have yet to see one after wandering around a while.

At any time it would be great to know they have been born and all are okay. So, come on, Rufusi!

01 March 2009

The Present....

Anyone who knows me understands how much I love my brother. We were not born of the same family, nor brought up as such, but I cannot imagine anyone calling Adrian with the greeting of "you douchebag goatf**king motherf**cker" for taking the wrong pack of smokes.

You are one of the most important lights of my life, despite ALL reservations. Thanks you, Taba. You, are the excuse I find for all other reasonings, even when I don't agree. You are my rock, even when I kick your ass at debate. :p