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18 November 2009

Fresh = Happy

Latest haul from the local farmers market for weekly foods at work and such. Root vegetable medley: new potatoes, beets, radishes, carrots, pearl onions plus some zucchini to round it out.

So, I am incredibly excited to go with my boss this weekend to a local metroplex farm and go harvest real, fresh veggies. Would love to join a CSA this next year, and whatever I am unwilling to try (jalapenos, cilantro, etc.) give away to people at work. Yes, I am a nerd who has completely accepted this and has an unnatural obsession with vegetables. Enough so that it has eclipsed my love of bread.

Bonus points for my awesome me-sized wine rack in the background and crock pot full of origami stars and cranes to be used in a future art installation.