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20 November 2009

Donate Turkey Fat

So, while not a tradition in my family, it is common in the south to deep fry turkeys for Thanksgiving. Not a fan of fried foods, this sounds disgusting to me. However, for those that do and live near me, evidently my city of Plano accepts donations of turkey fat to be turned into biodiesel. And from what I can find with my limited internet skills, Plano seems to be the only city that actively does this. How strange?


The Nag said...

I'd like to donate some of my fat. Do you think they have a liposuction machine on site?

Astatine said...

I think that's only for soap, not biodiesel.

Steve said...

Since we are on the subject:

Gang murdered people for their fat

Astatine said...

See?Not biodiesel. Much better to put human fat back on your own body. Completes the circle.