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08 November 2009


So, in honor of my thousandth post, I bring you something completely banal, dull and way too much of my actual life than you wanted to know.

Really, I am proud I have managed this many posts in this little time, not quite three years and I have hit 1K. If I had kept up the speed of 2007, this would be 1.5K, but who is here to argue. It actually makes me wonder how much I posted on LJ and Diaryland back in the day, but not enough to look it up. Mostly, it tells me that since ~2000 I have spent too much time online.

So, here goes. The most interesting post of all times. And all it tells me is I need to buy some ice cream or something. So, taking real advantage of the 'cut' ability:

Broccoli 2 bags
Corn 2 1/2 bags
Sugar snap peas 1 bag
Organic Spinach 1/2 bags
Green Giant Vegetable Medley 1/2 bags
Green Giant Healthy Vision pack 2 pks
Van's organic multigrain waffles 1 box
Boca burger flame grilled 1 box
Organic spinach florentine ravioli 1 pk
Organic garlic veggie ravioli 1/2 pk
Frozen wild salmon 3 oz
Wild Patagonian scallops 1/2 pk
Rebecca's poppy seed bread 1/3 loaf

Cage free brown eggs 10
Whole wheat flat bread pk of 5
Health nut wheat bread 1/2 loaf
Organic firm tofu 14 oz
Organic sour cream 1 container
Earth Balance soy buttery spread 1/2 containter
Country Crock light butter 1/2 containter
Mott's apple juice 2 bottles
Bonne Maman strawberry preserves 1 jar
Organic spaghetti sauce 1/2 jar
zucchini 2
Purple onion 1
Whole wheat tortillas pk of 12
Colby jack cheese 1/2 pound
Feta cheese crumbles 1/2 lb
Silk soy milk, plain & light 1 container
POM pomegrantate peach white tea 1 bottle
Organic ketchup 1/8 bottle
Miracle whip light 1/2 jar
Wish bone salad sprinter - ranch 1 jar
Cardini's light Greek vinagrette 2/3 jar
Hdden Valley ranch 4 oz
Artichoke hearts in marinade 1 jar
Kalamata olives 1/2 jar
Capers 2/3 jar
Grated Italian style cheese 1 pk
lemon juice 1/4 squeeze bottle
Lime juice 1 squeeze bottle
Minced garlic 1/2 jar

Garlic 5 bulbs
Red potatoes 2
Back to Nature crispy wheat crackers 8 oz
Thompson raisins 1 lb
Steel cut rolled oats 1.25 lb
Cheerios 1/2 box
Organic flax plus granola 1/8 box
Generic bran flakes 1 box
Museli 14 oz
Golden flax seeds, ground 6 oz
Organic brown flax seeds, whole 5 oz
Organic sunflower kernels 4 oz
Organic roasted peanuts, unsalted 1/3 lb
Organic walnuts 4 oz
Raw pine nuts 1 oz
Brown rice 1 lb
Popcorn, unbuttered/unsalted microwave packs 2
Organic lasagna noodles 12 oz
Organic whole wheat spaghetti 2 oz
Organic whole grain penne 12 oz
Wheat flour 1/2 lb
White flour 1 lb
Brown sugar 12 oz
Unopened bag of mini Butterfingers 12 oz
Organic cane sugar 4 oz
Indian Spice chai tea 1 box
Yogi detox tea 1 box
Distilled white vinegar 1/2 bottle
Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar 1 bottle
Baking soda 1 box
Aspartame packets 1 box
Agave nectar 1/2 jar
Soy protein powder, chocolate 18 oz
Jif's peanut butter, creamy 2 jars
Roasted garlic EVOO 3 oz
EVOO 1 lt
Aged Basalmic vinegar 12 oz
Quacker's Farm's Mediterranean Vinegar 1/2 jar
Crisco no-stick spray 1 bottle
Honey bear 1/2 bear
Rosemary 3 oz
Lemon pepper salt 1 jar
Garlic powder 1 jar
Italian seasoning herbs 1 jar
Cinnamon 1 jar
Thyme 1/2 jar
Organic basil 1/2 jar
Garlic 'n' herb 1 jar
Packs of assorted Koolaid 8
Jello, watermelon/black cherry 4
Dark chocolate bar 9/10 of the bar

Tullamore Dew 1.75 lt
Cruzan single barrel 8 oz
360 Organic vodka 750 ml
Leblon cachaca 750 ml
Marcus James - Merlot 750 ml
Marcus James - Cabernet 750 ml
Skulls 2007 - Cabernet 1/2 bottle


Steve said...

Congrats on 1000 posts!

Cachaca... Nice :) but what's the deal with only going 1/2 organic?

Astatine said...

Still have to balance budget with desires. I can't afford the Cascadian Farms $4 spinach for 12 oz over something only $1. The things I buy on consistent basis are normally organic, the ones I used only occasionally are generic. Plus, you just can't make a grilled cheese sammich with vegan butter (I've tried)

nihil said...

wow, look at you with all your crazy food.