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02 January 2007

The Introduction

For Christmas I received a shiny new iBook from the boyfriend. Well, used, but shiny and new to me. Around this time I was also toying with the idea of starting a new blog and abandoning the old as preposterous and adolescent. The mobility has thus pushed me into creating this and starting all fresh. Right around the time of New Years but really due to the formation of a new friendship that has gotten me started thinking about the point of stability for the reason of in my life. And when better to form a new outlet for stupidity and randomness then after quite a few glasses of wine and hours of conversation?

So here begins. Two days in, a few posts, and a voracious (and obsessive compulsive) appetite to constantly post new stories, links, pictures, videos and even perhaps the occasional insight.

To the future, as little or much as it may be.