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06 January 2007

I like Harmonics

I swear, sometimes when everything you wanted in a night is terribly upset and ends up pretty much everything you were neither expecting, nor looking forward to at all, ends up a good night. Karaoke Revolutions: American Idol came out a few days ago. The boy bought it today since we are huge fans of all Karaoke Revolutions games to this point. But yet, seeing as how we do not actually watch tv and have never seen American Idol then it means only more songs to us. Yes, we own 1-4. Singing is fun, especially when drunk in groups. But having the unfriendly British man complain about the singing is never a fine point.

And, after kicking ass on Build Me Up, Buttercup, Heartbreaker, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and just about every 70's-80's song there is on the disc then I feel pretty much immune to anything that an over-paid snot can say against me.

Singing I can do. Normally within tune and range requirements, I can actually sing impressively (to me) well. I refuse to be modest and pretend I am nothing special. No, I could not sell albums. Mostly a choir voice with an alto range. But in short bursts, I can pull off a falsetto soprano and make it sound at least not ear-drumming bursting level pain. And the amazing part is the random selection of this album. I enjoy. Thank Jebesus for the more classic choices instead of what so-and-so recorded after their 15 minutes of win.

By the way, typing an entry after about the equivalent of 12+ shots of whisky in drinks requires a bunch of re-reading and deleting. Hmm. I need more work on that.