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23 September 2009

On 2nd Thought

I need a new country....

The authors explain that Hummer owners employ the ideology of American foundational myths, such as the "rugged individual," and the "boundless frontier" to construct themselves as moral protagonists. They often believe they represent a bastion again anti-American discourses evoked by their critics.

Screw you almighty Hummer owners. What 'boundless' frontier to you expect next? I Google Earth going to 'discover' a new continent? Dumbasses. Give up your 13 MPG annoying as shit giant, unecessary vehicle. Show me this 'rugged' individual b/c I could be wrong, but pretty sure people living in the zip code of 75093 (which has a Hummer dealership) are not 'rugged'. Fat and old and rich, yes, with taste obviously left to the same mothers who insist on wearing 'designer' clothing that looks horrid.

But the author has a point. I do need money.


nihil said...

money so we can buy our way out of the system.