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14 May 2010

Ultimate Smart Alliance: The Weather (Stolen)

http://mrnihil.livejournal.com/506155.html" target="new">I don't believe in global warming because it's cold right now.

cold in May.

you're right, old man.

thIs isz pARt of A GLobAL K-K-K-ooLing TrENd

Point #1: It is physically impossible to destroy anything created directly by God.

Point #2: Pollution only has a noticeable impact on health or the environment in large, visible doses.

Point #3: The Government has no business interfering with Business.  Large left-leaninggovernments are corrupt.

Point #4: Global Warming is a Socialist-Communist plot.

Point #5: Warm means not cold.

Point #6: Scientists don't agree about anything.

Point #7: Al Gore is using this as a way to make money.

Nuclear and Oil companies lie about the safety of their wares as a way to make moneyNoPe.

Point #8: Why would rich people want to destroy the world?  They live here, too, dumba$s.

Point #9: You can't change my mind with any amount of evidence.  See Point #1.

All points valid. Stolen from Nihil


nihil said...

my points are usually valid.