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17 May 2010

Earth Muffin

Today at work, I was having a discussion with a few co-workers, and one stated to the other that he was environmentally conscious, but that he wasn't any tree-hugger. Bare in mind, this is the guy that has attempted multiple times to get our company to begin a recycling program, etc. The other co-worker laughed, and then they both looked at me. I said nothing and then was told that I was, of course, a tree-hugger. What's more I was an 'Earth Muffin'. At this point, the other co-worker and eye exchange a look and start laughing, as this doesn't sound like anything but a terribly inappropriate term. Perhaps we just have dirty minds. So, with safe search engaged, we had to Google the term, coming up with this from Urban Dictionary:

1. earth muffin
Environmentally conscience, socially aware, recycles when she can, prefers organic or natural products, and will drive out of the way to support mom and pop before large consumer corporations. She’s a modern hippy but also has a practical side. She’s cute, showers regularly, and encourages others to do the right thing without being judgmental or critical.
Store Checker: Would you prefer paper or plastic?
Earth Muffin: I brought my own reuseable duffle! It's made out of recycled materials, too.

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by JennX Mar 27, 2008 share this
2. earth muffin
hippie/enviro/tree-hugger girls, especially the cute ones, and with a good connotation.
I'm gonna head down to the Green Festival and try to pick me up an earth muffin.

Needless to say, I haven't laughed this long in a while when I discovered this was a 'real' term. Better, I like the presumption of 'cute' in both definitions, and as was pointed out, I am totally not unjudgmental or uncritical about other people's choices. Personally, I don't see how badgering other people into recycling or eating less meat or banning bottled watter can be bad, but then, it seems totally redundant that I am judgmental. Totally.


padre-elephante said...

you might be the only earth muffin i know, but i'll be on the lookout for more. also, i cant make the term non-dirty.