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01 May 2010

Long Boring Post About Running Shoes

So today I got to retire my first pair of running shoes. It is a good feeling to do so, meaning I have put enough miles on them that it is time before I jack up my legs even more than I already have. I decided this time to move from the END Footwear PBnJ that I bought the last time to move to a shoe that would be more fitting for both trail and road running, since I hit the trails once or twice a week, and the PBnJ really were not so fantastic for that.
I have been having some issues of late from upping my mileage since the beginning of the year where I have managed to give myself shin splints, knee pain and hip pain respectively, and so I wanted this time to take the initiative and make sure that I got shoes based on my actual arch/pronation/suppination versus what I think I personally need. So I went to a local running store where they had me walk up and down the squishy black runner to make sure I walk correctly, and it seems I am mostly normal, just dumb about giving myself time to heal before I decide I am good to go again.

Twenty minutes after entering the store, I left with new shoes, the name and card of a podiatrist if I have any issues, and the assurance of said same podiatrist these shoes are the bestest thing since sliced bread for someone who trains on multiple surfaces. And after an hour out at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve this evening, i have to agree that as of now, these are pretty damn nice shoes. Firm in the ball of the foot, forces you to run correctly from outside heel to inside of the balls, cushioned well across the back of the heel, unlike the Asics I tried that dug into my Achilles tendon something terrible even for the moment I had them on at the store.

Broken in once, running some pretty muddy trails, and almost nothing on the bottom of the shoe. Plus, while my last shoes were from as company called Environmentally Neutral Design and I can't quite beat that, Brooks are one of the most green companies for shoes out there, and the Cascadia have BioMoGo, biodegradeable midsoles.

So if you read this entirely too long post about shoes, I apologize. All I can end this on is that I am quite happy with my purchase, and can't wait until I am ready for the next pair. And I am glad they aren't pink. And I am a dork.