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08 September 2007

Too Early to Be Awake

I really need to quit writing posts while drunk and sleepy. Seriously.

From what I wrote that can be addressed while half coherent:

Male friends suck when that's what you mostly have. When playing a video game as a female in a group of males, you get divided into 2 groups: badass chick if you do well, or just a girl when doing badly. Grr.

I love RvB.

Extended family events suck, b/c most of the time they only want you to show up if you bring a gift. I was part of the first wedding years ago. Why do I need to buy you things now?

Adrian and I just celebrated 4 years a few days ago. Anyone who feels like it should freely contribute to the travel fund I'm trying to put together by sending me money or things I can sell.

Damn I'm sleepy. Copius amounts of whisky and a few hours just does not cut it. Stupid family.