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17 September 2007

I Hate Being Sick

So I went to bed last night completely sober right about midnight, something I never do. Way too early. I woke this morning at about 8 with my throat hurting something fierce. This happens sometimes when I sleep in a room too cold and my nasal cavities and throat dry out so I think little of it. To make a preemptive attack on my body, I take a few pills of Coricidin, an over-the-counter drug they threatened to ban since it is rather potent and works too well. Thus properly innocuated, I go to work.

By noon my drubs have worn off enough my throat is hurting back in full force, but my head still seems disconnected. I assume this will stay they way through the day and I will purchase some more drubs on the way home. By 1400 I am wearing my jacket and a blanket over my legs and still cannot control my shaking. I am freezing, and feeling more dizzy all the time. By 1530, I am standing talking to a coworker in another room and I realize I might pass out. By 1645 I've called it quits and decided to go home. I come home, take some old drubs that I had left over from the last time I had this issue, and check my temperature while I am at it. 101.5 Fahrenheit. I take a nap, woken by a silly escalation by a help desk who has no patience and decide I cannot keep sleeping.

I was recently downstairs reading a book (rather hard with the dizziness, as well as this typing), and wearing another blanket. I seriously feel like I a billion degress, so I check my temperature again and I'm currently at 102.3 Fahrenheit. If I got sick often, this wouldn't bother me. As my standard temperature normally weighs in at about 96.7, this is starting to have me worried.

This is one of those times I am very seriously happy I finally have heath insurance, in case I need to go to one of ever-abundant hospitals around here tonight. My ever-so-paranoid mother has always made me go to the doctor as soon as I start feeling gross, due to her fear of meningitius and such. If that is the case, coworkers, one and all, have fun. Some of you probably deserve it. Or I could stop my complaining, drink some more water and pills and sleep this off.