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26 September 2007

A 200 Yard Case of the Heebie Jeebies

Scientists learn the giant spider web at Lake Tawakoni formed by at least 10 families of spiders.

I hate Lake Tawakoni. I remember going there as a kid and teenager a few times and there was never a time that there wasn't a huge spider population. I'm not sure what sets this state park apart from any other in the north Texas area, but it nevcer fails that giant man-eating spiders seem to be everywhere. I am not normlly squeamish about bugs or spiders, I like camping and deal with what goes with that, but I can only imagine the sound that would come out of my mouth as I ran screaming if I were the irst person to discover this behemoth of webs.


Steve said...

That thing looks like it can catch bears.