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13 July 2007

Video Roundup:

Yep, the dork games commence downstairs. I keep drinking and trying to amuse myself as I was too lazy to go anywhere. I spent some of my time trying to watch Willard b/c of the Crispinness, but then realized the movie is still dull and kinda dumb. So came the youtube, as it keeps me sane and not thinking too much. And for some reason, spent much too long messaging my former boss about definitions and dictatorships. So, please, watch some of these so I don't feel I wasted my time.

Oh, and I claim no responsibility for the brain cell lossage, and it is in no particular order. However, in that warning, the second one is dumb as can be, and I couldn't even make myself finish the third, but felt the need to share.


Porcupine or Pineapple?

Montgomery Flea Market


Word of Mouth...along the same lines of Placebo's Slave to the Wage

Lost: Where is my mind? Only makes sense if you've seen all 3 seasons of Lost. Helps if you love the Pixies with mad obsession as I do. :)


nihil said...

happy birthday