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28 July 2007

Rise of the Emaciated

"And the desire to downsize appeals to heterosexual and gay men alike. A recent article in a journal published by the American Psychological Association compared what 253 Australian men of both sexual orientations consider the ideal body and found that being both thin and muscular is the ultimate. (Gay men prefer a slightly thinner and more muscular physique.)"

Hmm...Michael, your thoughts? Too many gainers and bears out there from what I have seen. And heel yes, the world is coming around to my type of guy. Now if everyone would just start growing out their hair.....


Michael-Joseph said...

I'm down with pople looking however they want so long as they're HEALTHY, slim pretty boy or big muscle cub, doesnt matter to me so long as they're not starving to death or eating their way to a heartattack