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13 July 2007

Love Letter

Dear Rain,

Thank you for coming to visit again! It has been almost 24 hours since I last saw you, and I was growing anxious that we were spending too much time apart. Since you've been visiting everyday for the past few months, a day without you makes me feel alone and unloved.

I know you have been making the most concerted efforts to make me feel like I am near my much-missed sister in Seattle by letting me know the type of weather she normally experiences. I appreciate all you have been doing for me in this venture. From my ever soggy jeans hem to the mud tracks I keep bringing inside my house I know I am always connected. And, with your help, I have not had to wash my car for over 6 months! That's one of the best things you've given to me in our friendship.

However, my birthday is coming up, and it has only ever been through my mother's blessings that you are allowed over on that day. So, remember, you need an invitation if you want to come play on Sunday. I've invited my friends Sunshine and Cool Breeze over, so you might not get along too well, and I do not want the same fall-out you normally have when you guys get together.

But thanks yet again. My apartment is now dark at almost noon, a wonderful thing in case I turn into a vampire and need to hide until darkness falls. Please feel free to hang around some more, especially since you have already made yourself so much at home.


Nicole xoxo