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03 September 2010

There is a limit

Ok, so, I get it, you are a Christian. You became born-again, you now believe. It is incredibly important to you in every single way.

Do you really need to make every single Facebook post about how God or the Word makes you stronger and how everyone else has problems because they just don't believe enough or say God Bless every time they post?

I get having things you believe in. I'm the poster child for a lot of stuff, and I thrust my beliefs upon people I know rather than letting them choose. It is a concession for living in any manner not as a hermit. Perhaps it is my own fault, for not being religious. Perhaps I need to expand my own perspective out to also include things I find either tacky or distasteful. But in any case, it is wearing, and another reason I rarely log onto places like Facebook.

(And on a side note, the recycling bin is 20 feet away. Consider it free exercise, rather than making me bust you for paper and water bottles.)