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08 September 2010

Cruise Ship 'Rocked'

So, back in 2006 I went a cruise. It was with friends, almost free, and ports of call were in Mayan territory, so I was fantastically happy. First port of call we went and saw ruins, and figured the second day would be a relaxing day at the beach (also known as I hide under a giant umbrella and get drunk day). The next morning we were woken by ship-wide announcements that the port trip was cancelled due to gale force winds. We spent the day rocking from one end to the other in a way that my mother known at the time, her hands would have been white from wringing them together. Despite common sense, perhaps due to the nature of the rocking; my night previously; or maybe because I knew I did not have to drive anywhere, I chose the option of getting smashed. It was a wise decision as the drunk people walked with the boat's rocking rather than against it, and yet I see a clip like this and just shudder. If we were already at gale force winds, and the worst we suffered was outside access locked down and a few chairs lost, imagine what kind of winds and sea they are facing knocking over forklifts.


padre-elephante said...

its not funny, but i love that upright piano skating around the room.

also not funny cause dr.d is on a cruise ship right now.