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23 June 2010

Very Important Pet Pet

Driving home, this van was in front of me at a light. This really, completely epitomizes everything I hate about Plano. Half the world struggles to have clean water and enough food to fight off distended stomachs, while here in Plano, rich yuppies pay a king's ransom to have their animals groomed. Worse still, they can't even be bothered enough to climb into their own Lexus's or Hummers to drive to the pet spa(w) next to their own luxury salon, they have to have someone come to them, because anything else might be misconstrued as actual work that has absolutely no pedigree of privilege.

Sure, I have a lot of luxuries as well. I waste money on frivolous things all of the time. But I fully believe that if you are willing to own something, take care of it yourself. Raise your children, take care of your pets and plants. When you have enough money to have a live-in nanny or gardeners, at some point in time you go from enjoying the feeling of ownership that is earned by effort to the ownership that is just to own.

Also, the garishness of the van's design really bugs me with the bubblegum pink and the super-ridiculous dog hair accessories. And the spelling of Spaw is like nails on a chalkboard, or having your knee touched in a way that causes the heebie-jeebies. Yes, that is really what this post is about.

Oh, and the top of the van had the VIP part of the name with an asterisk that VIP means Very Important Pet. So the name of the company is Very Important Pet Pet Spaw. And we wonder why our nation comes in so far behind all others for education. Rich white people teach children this is correct grammar by reinforcing through giving money to the dumb company owners.

It is a very good thing I don't have children, my soapbox is way too large and I would have problems letting them be around the dumb that I see every day.


Steve said...

I love taking picture from my car!

People who spend money on things like this consider their pets/kids as accessories and not living things. Incidentally, did you know that rich people's children often end up talking with foreign accents? It's because they spend more time with their nannies than their parents.

Oh, and yeah, VIP Pets... kind of like when people say PIN numbers.

nihil said...

exactly. i'm not against luxuries or convenience, i don't think we should all go back to living in the rainforest and worshiping the sun, but fuck off we should be doing stupid shit like sending dogs to groomers and therapists. there are problems in the world we could fix. that might even make everything better. think of how bummed out you won't feel every time you see a gross african kid covered in flies, because there won't be any.