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22 June 2010


I have been waiting years for this, ever since the first movie came out. Growing up, I have always loved CS Lewis books, the same way people love Frank Baum or JK Rowling. Perhaps it is the age in which I grew up, or just because I read them at the right age, but this was the series I fell in love with that took me out of the normal world into one of fantasy and magic. It wasn't until I was in high school/college I even knew CS Lewis was writing religious overtones, etc. into the stories. The children were children in a fantastical land, Aslan was king and could make everything right, no images of God or Christianity to me. I guess it was the same as kids do not get sexual overtones in most films focused on an adult audience since the concept is utterly lacking for them.

In any case, this was by far my favorite of the 7 books. Of all Lewis books, fiction or non, and I have read them all. Dawn Treader made me happy to read, because it was with all abandon the characters took on their quest, not with uncertainty or knowledge of the future. Everything was up for grabs, including personal development, magic, wonder, date, etc. Everything you want as a kid.

I just really, really hope they don't mess this up. Prince Caspian was disappointing, but the book was as well. I am still glad the skipped 'The Magician's Nephew' (unless the actually make it in chronologically written order, and have Terry Gilliam direct) and man do I hope they skip 'The Horse and His Boy', but I would still like to see 'The Silver Chair'.

Actually, I am perfectly content to have it end after Dawn Treader. The rest is bollocks. This trailer makes me happy like a child, giggle like a child, and full of hope and wonder.

Director guy, you better not mess this up. This is full of my hopes and dreams. Please, do not destroy them before I turn 29.


nihil said...

i've never read those. i really like harry potter though.