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14 June 2010

Colorado Bend

0.9 miles from vehicle to campsite. 1.5 miles Lively Loop. 2.24 miles Lemon Ridge Pass. ~4-4.5 miles back down the road to vehicle. 6 times total between campsite to vehicle. 2 times carrying between 30-40 pounds each. Estimated 2000 calories spent just hiking in around a 4 hour span. Gave up after the original plan of 10+ miles hike after about 5.75 miles, then the trip back. 1.8 miles back and forth to the car after leaving cellphone behind and having to make sure it is answered due to being on call. Sore, tired, sunburnt, 1 fire ant bite on stomach, 1 mosquito bite on foot, another on back of left thigh. 2 fireflys, 2 shooting stars, 3 satellites.

I was asked why I like camping/hiking, at a point in time in which I felt like dying. I still think some of the answers were valid, such as seeing/doing something else than spending money I don't have at stores where I don't need things, being out in the world somewhere I haven't been, etc. The answer brought forth from Matt was that he liked that it was hard. When said, I realized I didn't know how to express it before really. I like the challenge, that I am always inadequate and I need to be stronger and harder in these types of things.

That said, we're totally going to do a wimpy camping trip next time, early registered, close to water, no further than 100 yards from a car to tent. Can drink, play guitar, be merry, not want to die.

By the way, a chiropractor appointment after a sunburn hurts really, really badly.