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10 February 2010


1. Work is going to suck for the new 5+ months
2. I'm not actually allowed to do my job, I spend my time doing another project
3. I normally work 50 hours or so a week
4. I've been doing 60+ since starting this new project
5. While neglecting my actual job
6. By tomorrow evening I will gave conducted 8 interviews in 2 days, which is wearing for someone who hates people interaction
7. I won't even see them in training because I will be in the new project, so maintaining what happens is impossible
8. Hell if I actually know what is going on with my real job
9. I'm salaried.
10. Raises are 100% based on tasks we assigned ourselves 6 months ago as job functions
11. They then changed the rules and made it impossible to follow the tasks assigned.

I'm tired. And a bit depressed. Rather than feeling defiant and wanting to walk, I feel beaten down.

Go corporate living. I need a new job.


nihil said...

i want you to have a new job.

ja' said...

Hey I got a great idea! Let's BOTH quit our jobs...and hopefully find new ones...Are you in? :)