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07 February 2010

1981: The Transition

EMPLOYERS are refusing to hire Generation Y workers because they lack a work ethic and spend too much time talking to friends in work hours.

Wow. So after some extensive Wikipediaing today, it turns out I am in the transition year right at the cusp of Generation X and Y, depending on which source you take as the answer. In some views, I am Generation X, disaffected and latch-key, independent and not wanting someone to look over my shoulder. In others, I am Generation Y, cocky and technology-driven, expecting others to move at the same speed that I do. Generally it used to be accepted that Gen X ended with 1976, but thanks to William Strauss and Neil Howe, I am now part of Gen X since Gen Y should begin with the group who graduated high school in 2000.

All in all, not sure which I am better off being in the group with. Maybe it is like astrology and the cusp takes on the aspects of both groups. Or, maybe like astrology, it is all pointless and doesn't take in the teenage pregnancy aspect. Or, um, maybe I need to cease using metaphors that don't make any sense. Either way, hurrah! I have a good work ethic, enough that I get called a workaholic. Or wait, maybe it could be better that other way. Circle of life, damned if you do.....


nihil said...

that cusp crew is actually the best generation. they're the peak of the hill. X was the up, Y is the way down. you're like an x-man or something.

Astatine said...

hell yeah. now i just need to discover my super-power. something beyond 'typereallyfastandshakealotbcidrinktoomuchandcan'ttypeandovercaffeinatemyselfdaily' TRFASALBIDTMAC is just non-pronounceable at first glance.

preferably i'm going for health and immortality, or at least fun things like rogue-style, but that more touching = better.

nihil said...

well, at the very least, you're part of an elite group of people who are more awesome than any previous group. though i can't say i'd be opposed to knowing someone with touching powers.