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15 January 2010

Musical Anatomy

Art by Shawn Feeney. Really digging this piece, especially liking that I can get a signed print for $10 +s/h. I think I could really use some new art around the place. Since Goran's, I haven't added anything that I haven't made. Nihil, that's a hint. :)

Also, check out the Collapsed Music project, where Feeney took 16 albums and made them into a 30 second footprint of an album. I couldn't actually determine a single album, but a few were very familiar. Of course, I am musically ignorant for most traditional cultural references from the last 50 years. For example, i am very content at this moment listening to Mahler's 5th Symphony in C-sharp minor on vinyl. I'm so hip.


nihil said...

gooooooooooooooooooooooood. i'm glad.

Astatine said...

if you get around to making me something, let me know and i'll give you my new address and send you money for s&h :)