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12 January 2010

It Is Rare

"The city of Berkeley mailed coat hangers to 20 members of Congress on Wednesday."

Yes, the city of Berkeley. Berkeley's City Council sat down, debated, and voted (7-1) to protest the anti-choice Stupak-Pitts amendment by dropping the symbol of desperate back-alley abortions off at the post office. Intended as a stark reminder of the danger in infringing on women's reproductive rights, the hangers were sent to members of the House who, despite a previous pro-choice record, supported the dastardly amendment. (The council figured it would be a waste of perfectly good coat hangers to target hardliner anti-abortion representatives.)

I rarely post anything for feminism or women's rights, as I have issues thinking that in this era it should even come to any sort of fight. But yet, abortion I always have a strong feeling for. Without getting 'preachy' about my beliefs, I think this is a great play by Berkeley to show that going backwards is a terrible idea. Unfortunately, the 'Land of the Free' also includes those that have mistakes or are too stupid to use birth control regularly. No woman should have to go back to old methods of pain and very possible death.