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02 October 2007

This Day Sucks

Yesterday: So I knew I would have to replace one tire due to the not-my-fault curb incident. Find out this morning the drivers front tire has bubbles as well and would also need to be replaced, something I knew would cost more but shouldn't be a big deal as I already had an appointment to get my back tire changed this morning. Just add one more on. Except it is tremendously difficult to get to the tire place when you jump in your car and it won't turn on. Lights come on, but the engine won't turn over. Called in to work, called AAA (so glad I got that membership a few months back, saved me $80 on a 3 mile drive), emptied my car of any valuables. Tow truck guy shows up, looks at the car for a few mintues and asks me for my key with the clicker/alarm attached, saying he thinks it's the security system.

Great, easy fix, except my car doesn't have one. Yes, world, I am announcing to everyone I do not have an alarm on my $14k car. Come and steal it. It doesn't run, but looks pretty for a retardo-car. So currently my car is sitting in the back lot of Scion of Plano waiting for some indefinite time when they can look at it and let me know what is wrong with it. Not sure how much this is all going to cost me, and of course it has to happen right as rent is due. Good timing to spend even more money. Damnit.


Today: Starter relay was broken. Covered under warranty, so no worries there. Two new tires plus alignment? $340. Skip out on buying the small, fule efficient cars unless you factor in the cost of tires. And buying throught the dealership was actually cheaper than if I had purchased from Discount Tires or the like. Now I'm poor.