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09 January 2012

Downwards. Declining. Plummeting. Goodbye.

Against adulthood: But that’s not quite right. In my mind—hell, in my own life—what’s happening isn’t just the delayed onset of adulthood. It’s the refusal of adulthood entirely. It’s not failure to thrive. It’s an awareness that thriving kind of blows. Like almost everything in life, “adulthood” turns out to be the exact opposite of what we’re told it is.

If not recycling or driving an SUV is farting in the proverbial elevator, having a kid is pushing the “emergency stop” button, dropping your pants, and spraying diarrhea onto everyone’s shoes—metaphorically speaking.

I mean, there’s a reason they call it settling down, and really, that little phrase says it all. If they just called it “settling,” that would still get the point across—you could do better, you’re choosing not to—but they tacked “down” on there, just to be absolutely clear about the trajectory you’ve taken. You’re settling, down. Downwards. Declining. Plummeting. Goodbye.

Ok, so there is a bunch in this editorial that I don't agree with, but you have to admit, being an adult really sucks sometimes, and the way this guy dissects it has a certain charm. Plus, he is an excellent user of words.


jmlo said...

i just stopped by to say i totally disagree with this guy, the way he went about presenting his ideas (or forcing them at me) and i'm sadder for having read it.

it's not that i dont agree with some of the supporting info he presents, but anyone can find information to back up their position - doesn't make theirs the only right one.

Astatine said...
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Astatine said...

No doubt. He is a cynic. He obviously dislikes the ideas of tradition and has been tainted with his experiences or those around him. However, it;s an op-ed. It's only his opinion, it is not said as fact.

Personally, besides liking some of his wording, I really enjoyed that rather than being as against the world as he is, I can read it. relate for a moment, and then be thankful that neither his nor what he describes is not my life.

Also, I suck at answering emails. Can you come back to visit? Words are better. Hi. :)

jmlo said...

he reminds me of the xkcd pic of the 2 cars- one with the family sticker and one with the alternative.

you do suck at answering emails, but i dont email as much as i should, so we're even?

coming back for a visit is a thing that could happen - i never said goodbye to anyone there - you, or the 2 or 3 teachers i actually liked. also, it's a horrible place to live (go rick perry!) but might not be a bad place to visit.